Nintendo news (May 29): Splatoon 2 x Tower Records (JP) / Ever Oasis demo / Fire Emblem Awakening

Today’s Nintendo news: Splatoon 2 getting a special collaboration event with Tower Records

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  • Fire Emblem Awakening
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Splatoon 2

Last year, for the first Anniversary of Splatoon, a special collaboration event was held with Tower Records in Japan: the Splatoon 2016 Summer Sale (you can read everything about it in this post!). And it looks like there will also be a similar sale for Splatoon 2: Tower Records uploaded a teaser video last week, that basically confirms it.

Here’s the teaser video:

The video itself doesn’t directly mention Splatoon or Splatoon 2, but the music, the ink splats, and even the Nintendo copyright mention at the bottom left corner of the the screen leave no room for doubt! No doubt Nintendo and Tower Records will share more details in the upcoming weeks, as we get closer to the Splatoon 2 launch.

Splatoon 2 (Switch) will be released on July 21st worldwide.

Ever Oasis

Ever Oasis comes out in less than a month in Europe and North America, but Nintendo hasn’t done too much to promote it yet. But it looks like it’s going to change pretty soon: according to in-store advertisement, the game is getting a demo version.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when that demo will be released, since the poster doesn’t mention any date (it only says that the game is available “now”, which is obviously not the case: that poster was put up way too early). Since E3 is just around the corner, and Ever Oasis comes out the following week, it’s likely the demo will be announced and released during the event (most likely during a Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 segment).

Ever Oasis (3DS) comes out on June 23rd in Europe and North America, and July 13th in Japan.

Source: Synchro666 (Reddit)

Fire Emblem Awakening

Have some free time for a great interview about Fire Emblem Awakening? If yes, click here to check out Kantopia’s interview from the June 2013 issue of Nintendo Dream, which was held exactly one year after the game was released in Japan. It’s pretty lenghty, so makes sure you have enough time for it before you start reading it!


Last week-end, the first ARMS Global Testpunch event was held, with several sessions over 2 days. As usual, various websites held livestreams, which means there’s now recordings of those livestream for you to check out if you’re interested.

ARMS (Switch) will be released on June 16th worldwide.


Quite a few users have trouble attaching or detaching the Joy-Con straps (especially detaching them!), and Nintendo is well aware of that. It’s for this very reason the company uploaded two videos last week, showing clearly how to do it.

Here’s the two videos:

Have you ever run into issues with the Joy-Cons straps (or any other Nintendo Switch accessory)?



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