5pb: Anonymous;Code announced for the Nintendo Switch

Today, during a live event in Japan, 5pb. made some announcements regarding its Visual Novel games. Those very rarely come to Nintendo platforms, and that’s quite the understatement: Corpse Party is pretty much the only one for the past gen. But today, the publisher announced a  game for the Nintendo Switch. That game is none other than Anonymous;Code.

That game is part of the publisher’s “Science Visual Novel” series (that Occultic;Nine is also part of). It doesn’t have a release date yet, but 5pb. announced that it would also be released on the Nintendo Switch (alongside the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita).

For those of you who have never heard of the game, here’s what the story is about. The game takes place in 2037, one year after a major incident known as the “2036 problem”, involving computers, that led to the destruction of major cities around the world (it took place on February 6th, 2036).

The problem is, a similiar incident is expected to take place in 2038, and so a supercomputer called Gaia is used by a group of scientists to create an alternate Earth using a simulator.

The goal of this simulation is to study the possible effects of the impending incident. At first, the experiment seemed poised to fail, due to a dramatic drop in birth rate. But thanks to the introduction of the Arecibo Message formula to the Earth Simulator, makind is successfully brought into that copy of the Earth.

All is well, until humanity in that second Earth starts creating another Earth Simulator. At this point, the scientists begin to suspect that they themselves may only be the product of yet another Earth Simulator.

The protagonist is one Poron Takaoka, a hacker with a pretty useful ability called “Save and Load”. As the name implies, it allows him to save and load moments, just like you would in a video game. Using that ability and his Hacking Trigger System, he can influence the world line around him.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know about the game for now, but no doubt more details will be shared in the (near) future). In the mean time, here’s the main illustration and two teaser trailers:

Anonymous;Code (Switch) doesn’t have a release date yet. It has already been added to the Upcoming Releases page!

Source: Famitsu
Story info: VNDB


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