Fire Emblem Heroes: early details on next update (Ver. 2.3.0): Rival Domains, Blessed Gardens, more

Update: more details about Ver. 2.3.0 of Fire Emblem Heroes can be found in this post!


It’s already been a couple of weeks since the release of Fire Emblem Heroes Ver. 2.2.0, and it’s now time for some early details about the next update: Ver. 2.3.0, to be released next month (most likely in Early March). This one will include some pretty juicy content, with a new type of Special Maps, a new type of maps, and even more weapon skills and weapons to refine.

First: Rival Domains. It’s a new type of special map, where you get to battle a large army (called a brigade). Basically, it’s a game where your goal consists in capturing enemy camps, defeating your goes within 10 turns, and trying to earn high scores. In these battles, you can deploy up to 20 Heroes, and if you need some help, you can even recruit allies from your friends!

There are a couple of restrictions to keep in mind when creating brigades:

  • you can only have one ally with Sing or Dance
  • no duplicate Heroes allowed (no Wrys Army for you!)

The first round of Rival Domains maps will open alongside the update, and after that, a new map will become available every week on Saturday.

Next: Blessed Gardens. It’s the mysterious new mode mentioned in this post, and that you cannot currently select on the Battle screen. It’s a new type of map where you can earn Orbs, Hero Feathers, and more.

As mentioned previously, those maps can only be tackled by Heroes who grant the corresponding Legendary Effect, or Heroes who have received it. In other words: only Legendary Heroes or Heroes with a Blessing can participate. And just like in Rival Domains, duplicate Heroes are strictly forbidden (even if they all have the correct Blessing)!

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough Legendary Heroes and/or blessings: the first time you enter the Blessed Garden, you will get four Water Blessings, allowing you to start playing right away. What’s more, Blessings of other elements are some of the rewards you can earn in the Garden of Water, allowing you to tackle other gardens.

Just like Rival Domains, Blessed Gardens will go live alongside the update, with a new map to be added every Sunday after that.

By the way, you will also be able to earn Blessings by completing quests and participating in other activities, which means you will be able to get ready for this new type of Map before it’s even live.

Next: weapon skills. With Ver. 2.3.0, Soren: the Shrewd Strategist will be able to learn Wind’s Brand (a character specific weapon skills) at 5*.

Also, you will be able to strengthen even more weapon skills using Arena Medals and Divine Dew at the Weapon Refinery:

  • Sieglinde (Eirika, the Restoration Lady)
  • Brynhildr (Leo, the Sorcerous Prince)
  • Wind’s Brand (Soren, the Shrewd Strategist)

As usual, the official patch notes for the update will be added to the Updates page as soon as they go live. And don’t forget to check out the Events and Content Updates page to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Fire Emblem Heroes!

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