Fire Emblem Heroes: more details about Ver. 2.3.0 (Rival Domains, Blessed Gardens, more)

Today, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems released the next Software update for Fire Emblem Heroes. It brings the game to Ver. 2.3.0, with some pretty neat new additions, including two new types of maps.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Rival Domains

First: Rival Domains. It’s a new type of special map, where you get to battle a large army (called a brigade). Basically, it’s a game where your goal consists in capturing enemy camps, defeating your foes within 10 turns, and trying to earn high scores.

In these battles, you can deploy up to 20 Heroes, and if you need some help, you can even recruit allies from your friends (pretty handy for players who haven’t completely leveled up their Heroes and need a little help). Speaking of friends, it’s the Hero in the leftmost position of your Team 1 that will be sent to them.

The developers specify that defeating all enemies won’t clear the map: you really need to either destroy the enemy fortress, or hold off a continuous stream of reinforcements for 10 turns.

You can receive score bonuses by attacking with certain types of Heroes (similiar to the Arena bonus, except the Bonus Heroes need to do something in battle!), and destroying the fortress. If you want the rewards for clearing each map, you will need to fight hard… real hard!

Before you head into battle, you have to create your Brigade with up to 20 Heroes. You do so from the Edit Brigades option, in the Allies menu. That option is unlocked after tapping “Edit Brigades” once, from within the Rival Domains screen. Keep in mind that any empty slots in your brigade will automatically be filled with reinforcements (who do not get boosts from seasonal Legendary Effects).

There are a couple of restrictions to keep in mind when creating brigades:

  • you can only have one ally with Sing or Dance
  • no duplicate Heroes allowed (no Wrys Army for you!)

But one of the biggest differences of Rival Domains compared to “regular” Special Maps is that they take place on 10 x 8 maps, and they also have special characteristics and elements:

  • Fortress: since your goal is to destroy the enemy’s fortress, it’s pretty obvious that it’s game over for you if the enemy destroys yours! And you need to be careful, because they’re pretty fragile: they can be destroyed with only three attacks. Also, keep in mind that when Heroes are defeated, reinforcements appear from the fortress (that’s why you should not focus purely on defeating enemies);
  • Camp: a useful location for your army. They can be defeated in two attacks, which allows you to capture them and make them your own.

Both Fortresses and Camps recover 10HP at the beginning of each turn, and function as defensive terrain. Also, the two (as well as adjacent spaces) act as warp points that Heroes can instantly travel between.

Finally, a pretty important thing to keep in mind if you want to destroy a fortress or capture a camp: you cannot attack them while there are enemies in there: you need to defeat them all first!

As mentioned above, defeating all enemies won’t clear the map. There are two ways to end the battle:

  • you have to destroy the enemy’s fortress (naturally, battle ends if yours is destroyed first)
  • you have to hold out until the 10th turn concludes

At the end of the battle, your score is calculated based on the following objectives:

  • Foes Defeated: the more foes you defeat, the more points you earn. Don’t go and get distracted, leaving your camp or fortress undefended, though!
  • Camps Held: the more camps you hold, the more points for you, so try capturing the enemy’s!
  • Fortress Defense: if you defended your fortress well, you will receive some points.
  • Fortress Offense: you get some points based on how effectively you attacked the enemy’s fortress.
  • Bonus: points you get for using a certain type of Heroes to attack foes, but also other special conditions on a per-map basis

If you manage to reach the target score for a map, then you will earn some juicy rewards!

The first round of Rival Domains maps will open alongside the update, and from March 17th onwards, a new map will become available every week on Saturday. Of course, they will be listed on the Events and Content Updates page!

NB: if you start a battle before the end of an event, you can use bookmark data to resume it until two days after the end of the event. Also, if you start a battle before the end of an event, but do not clear it until three days after the end of the event, you will not be able to earn any reward.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Blessed Gardens

Next: Blessed Gardens. It’s a new type of map where you can earn Orbs, Hero Feathers, and more.

As mentioned previously, those maps can only be tackled by Heroes who grant the corresponding Legendary Effect, or Heroes who have received it. In other words: only Legendary Heroes or Heroes with a Blessing can participate (for example: Water Blessing for the Water Garden). And just like in Rival Domains, duplicate Heroes are strictly forbidden (even if they all have the correct Blessing)!

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough Legendary Heroes and/or blessings: the first time you enter the Blessed Garden, you will get four Water Blessings, allowing you to start playing right away. What’s more, Blessings of other elements are some of the rewards you can earn in the Garden of Water, allowing you to tackle other gardens.

Just like Rival Domains, a new map will be added every Sunday, starting from March 11th. Of course, they will be listed on the Events and Content Updates page!

Fire Emblem Heroes – New Weapon Skills and new Weapons to refine

Next: weapon skills. With Ver. 2.3.0, Soren: the Shrewd Strategist can learn Wind’s Brand (a character specific weapon skills) at 5★.

Also, you now can strengthen even more weapon skills using Arena Medals and Divine Dew at the Weapon Refinery:

  • Sieglinde (Eirika, the Restoration Lady)
  • Brynhildr (Leo, the Sorcerous Prince)
  • Wind’s Brand (Soren, the Shrewd Strategist) (NB: Wind’s Brand must be learned in Learn Skills first)

Fire Emblem Heroes – Other changes

Finally, here’s various other changes made to the game:

  • When looking at a Hero’s detailed profile page when they appear in the Friend List, Arena, etc., you will be able to see the associated player’s name.
  • Starting with the next Voting Gauntlet, if you lose a battle, you can choose to deploy your Heroes again right away.
  • A colorless dragon unit is planned to be added.
  • In Settings, Sorting by Level has been added. Depending on how you set your options, the number of merges can be ignored when sorting Heroes by level in the Edit Teams screen.
  • iOS devices will no longer automatically go to the lock screen while downloading data.

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