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Fire Emblem Heroes: 3 more changes for April update (change positions at the start of battle, more)

Update: the update for Fire Emblem Heroes is releasing on April 12th (April 11th in North America due to timezones). Click here for more details and for the patchnotes!


As announced a few days ago, Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a major udpate sometime in April. It will add some new features and make various adjustments, as you can see for yourself in this post, if you haven’t already. But today, the developers announced via Twitter that this update would include some additional changes, and one of them is definitely going to please many a player!

Indeed, they will soon be able to change the position of units at the start of battle. You start a mission, thinking of the strategy you’re going to use to defeat all enemies… and then, you suddenly realise your units are not placed where you’d like them to be. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to change that directly in the mission, you have to change the order of the units in your team, which forces you to surrender and lose stamina.

With the April update, the developers are adding a feature that will let you switch the position of units before battle begins. All you will have to do is to tap the button at the bottom of the screen, and you will be all set. The best part is, you’re free to switch the position of units as many times as you want, as long as you haven’t completed the first action (movement or attack, for example).

The developers are also making some adjustements regarding the amount of XP you get in battle. This change only applies to ★1 to ★4 Heroes, and you will soon understand why. Basically, Heroes will be able to get more XP when defeating enemies of a lower level than themselves.

But there’s a catch: the higher the rank of the Hero, the lower the amount of XP gained that way. Or you could see that the other way around: the lower the rank of the Hero, the more XP they will gain by defeating enemies of a lower level. This should definitely help with the training of new Heroes, especially those obtained via the regular Hero Battles!

Finally, the third and last new change is about the stamina bar: the maximum value will be increased to 99 (instead of 50). Naturally, Stamina Potions will then let you recover 99 stamina points, you will not have to use two of them to fully replete the staminar bar.

This change was made following feedback from players, who requested the stamina bar be extended, so they could play for longer periods of time. Naturally, the stamina bar will not fill back up more quickly!

The next major update for Fire Emblem Heroes will be released sometime in April!

Source: official Twitter account


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