Europe: video games sales for Week 35 (UK) / Week 34 (France), more

United Kingdom (Week 35)

It seems the Pokémon GO effect has come and gone in the United Kingdom, as there’s absolutely no Pokémon games to be found in the Top 40 anymore. There are still some Nintendo 3DS games in the Top 40 though,  starting with New Super Mario Bros. 2 at #24 (2 places lost), which is holding rather well.

The same could be said of Tomodachi Life, which is ranked #31 this week again. Both titles are most definitely benefitting from the Summer holidays, but now that have drawn to a close, we can expect sales to drop sharply in the upcoming weeks. Finally, Yo-kai Watch is still holding in the Top 40, but not for much longer: it’s ranked #38 for Week 35, after losing 7 places at once.

But there’s one title we haven’t talked about yet, despite chosing it as Feature Image for this post… That’s right, we’re talking about Metroid Prime: Federation Force, on Nintendo 3DS! It’s off to a… well… “humble” start: it landed at #15… of the Nintendo 3DS-only chart. Yes, you can safely say it bombed.

On Nintendo 3DS, the best-seller is New Super Mario Bros. 2, while on Wii U, Minecraft: Wii U Edition kept dominating sales.

Source: GFK Chart-Track

France (Week 34)

Source: S.E.L.L.

Germany (July 2016)

Source: BIU



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