Etrian Mystery Dungeon: several system videos

The official NA website for Etrian Mystery Dungeon was updated yesterday, and several system videos were added. They showcase some of the gameplay mechanics and facilities of the game:

Forts: you can build those to fix the dungeons’ overall structure and stop incoming D.O.E. before they reach town. If you deploy a team at the fort, you get a chance to fight the D.O.E. before it destroys the fort. By checking the labyrinth map, you can see where each of your forts is located.

Blast Skills: they allow you to get out of tight spots. They can have various effects, like allowing your characters to take certain actions. Each class got its own skill, but you first need to fill up the Blast Gauge before you can use it.

Kasumi’s inn: this is where your characters recover from their injuries. You can also go there to save, but also to store money and items (so that you don’t lose them when you die in the dungeons).

Chano Industries: you can go there to improve your equipment. There’s Forging to add effects to your equipment, and Melding to combine the stats of enchanted equipment. If you give some money to develop the Industrial District, you can unlock new effects for Forging and you allow for research into new merchandise.

Magan’s House: you can go see Magan in order to take on missions and advance the story. You can also donate some money to develop the various facilities across town, and get some rewards:

a) Hotel District – Kasumi’s Inn: store more items, get better meals;
b) Industrial District – Chano Retail: new types of forging, research for new merchandise;
c) Eatery District – Amber Restaurant: bigger notice board (so you can get more quests), more status-boosting food;
d) Guild District – Explorers Guild: register more explorers (up to 50), unlock new types of forts.

Stein Labs: you can go there to check out the Monstrous Codex (for monsters) and the Item Compendium (for items), as well as Dr. Stein’s reports with info from your adventures.

Skyship port: located at the soutern end of town, it allows you to go find some new dungeons. By constructing forts in dungeons, you can travel safely to each of them. That way, you can continue exploring from a floor in the middle of the dungeon.

Here’s the system videos:

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Etrian Mystery Dungeon (3DS) comes out on April 7th in North America.


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