eShop news (October 22): Dead End Job / Doom 64

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: release date for Dead End Job, but also…

  • Doom 64
  • 1971 Project Helios
  • Spin Rhythm XD
  • Tangle Tower
  • Day and Night

Dead End Job

Headup Games have announced that Dead End Job (the twin-stick shooter developed by Ant Workshop) will be released on December 13th in Europe and North America.

Here’s some more details and some screenshots for the game:

Developed by the former lead level designer on Red Dead Redemption, this insane mash-up of Ren & Stimpy meets Ghostbusters puts you in the ethereal boots of Hector Plasm. As a simple salary-specter, employed with the Number One Experts in Paranormal Pest Control, Ghoul-B-Gone — Hector is tasked with ridding the wacky world of meddlesome spectral interlopers. Tag along with our hero for just another day at the office as he heads all over town to offices overrun by spirits, wraith-infested restaurants, and buildings around the rest of town with his trusty ghost bustin’ vacuum pack and trusty ol’ plasma blaster, putting abhorrent apparitions to rest for GOOD!

Lovers of 90’s cartoons, wacky ghost hunting adventures, or cleanliness, will have a literal blast zooming through the vibrantly cartoony, gag ‘till you laugh, procedurally generated world as they suck up unsuspecting spooky pests. Groove to the beats of award-winning composer Wil Morton (of Grand Theft Auto fame) as you rescue residents and chase promotions by wracking up hefty invoices to send to your clients — ghoul by fiendish ghoul!

Stream the game on Twitch and Mixer and get your audience in on the action — integrated interactivity allows your viewers to help you devastate demonic intruders or hinder your assault on the afterlife. Whether you play alone or team up with a haunt-hunting buddy for some seamless drop-in/drop-out split-screen couch co-op action, Dead End Job is sure to keep you coming back for more!

Dead End Job (Switch – eShop) comes out on December 13th in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Headup Games PR

Doom 64

Here’s a trailer for Doom 64, which will be available as pre-purchase bonus for anyone pre-ordering Doom Eternal (releasing on the same day on other platforms), but also as a stand-alone release:

Doom 64 (Switch – eShop) comes out on March 20th in Europe and North America.

1971 Project Helios

Recotechnology have announced a game for the Nintendo Switch: 1971 Project Helios, a turn-based strategy game which combines modern warfare military tactics and close combat. It will be released in April 2020 in Europe and North America.

Here’s some pre-alpha footage, some details, and the list of key features:

Firearms and vehicles are scarce, conflicts and hostilities have no end, and the terrible freezing cold annihilates friends and foes in its path.
Eight characters have to join forces for a common cause: find an important scientist kidnapped by a massive stratocracy. Along their way they will have to avoid raider attacks, investigate military headquarters, and infiltrate into the territory of a dangerous anti-technological religious sect.

The campaign sets in a frozen world, in which eight people – each one with its own problems and interests – join in a sort of temporary alliance, to find one particular person: Dr Margaret Blythe. On the trail of her whereabouts, they will travel and fight shoulder to shoulder, and they inevitably get to know the others. Depending on some strategic and personal decisions, you will guide this characters right to one of three possible endings.     

  • Tactical Combat. Fight against three different factions, each one with its unique units, strategy and advantages. Soldiers, snipers, slippery bandits, knights immune to cold… Study your enemies, plan out every move and adapt to all confrontations!
  • Exploration. Travel through various locations, from military enclaves to medieval dungeons. There you can search for fulgor, new equipment for your characters, and pieces of information of the world you are in and the factions you face
  • Skill Trees. As you find equipment compatible with each character, you can unlock and upgrade new skills, and combine them to make the perfect builds for your strategy.
  • Resource Management. Use all the fulgor you can find to defreeze your HP, decrease the cooldowns, and reanimate your fallen units.

1971 Project Helios (Switch) comes out in April 2020 in Europe and North America. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Recotechnology PR

Spin Rhythm XD

Here’s the latest trailer and some more details for Spin Rhythm XD:

Live out DJ fantasies with an intuitive virtual MIDI controller. Start simple by spinning and tapping the digital turntable to match colored notes as they form and shift with the music, then learn advanced techniques like sustains, free spins, and beat smashes. Quickly bust out a song with mouse and keyboard for convenience, or embrace the ultimate home DJ experience with an actual MIDI controller. Super Spin Digital is aiming for compatibility with most DJ controllers.

Fifteen hard-hitting exclusive tracks from artists like Panda Eyes, Tristam, Hyper Potions and more are available now. Together with forward-thinking record label Monstercat (Beat Saber and Rocket League contributors), Super Spin Digital will continue to add more songs throughout Early Access. Soar through a galaxy of beats and drops in hand-designed levels crafted to match the feel of every song. Multiple difficulty levels either pump up the jam or tone it down so players can let the music take them on the journey of their choosing. Daily leaderboards encourage sharpening those spinning skills, and global leaderboards coming shortly after Early Access launch will make it easy to see the best players in the world.

Coming in 2020, Spin Rhythm XD’s Nintendo Switch release will make DJ stardom both portable and accessible, offering multiple input modes including motion controls, Joy-Cons and touchscreen compatibility, and double the number of songs available at Steam Early Access launch.

Spin Rhythm XD (Switch – eShop) comes out in 2020 in Europe and North America.

Source: Super Spin Digital PR

Tangle Tower

Here’s the launch trailer for Tangle Tower, now available in Europe and North America:

Day and Night

Here’s the launch trailer for Day and Night, now available in Europe and North America:


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