eShop news (July 12): Fortnite / The VideoKid / Starship Avenger

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: Season 5 now live for Fortnite, but also…

  • The VideoKid
  • Starship Avenger
  • Breakers: Dawn of Heroes
  • 7 Billion Humans
  • Nekopara
  • Wandersong
  • Bad North
  • Bomber Crew
  • Another World


Today, a massive update for Fortnite was released. It adds a gyro controls option on Nintendo Switch, but also adds the contents from Season 5: you can find the complete patch notes for Ver. 5.0 on this page!

Here’s a trailer for Season 5 of Fortnite, but also the Battle Pass Season 5:

And here’s some pictures of some of the new content:

  • All Terrain Kart (Battle Royale): powerslide into battle with the all-new All Terrain Kart (ATK)! Grab some friends and go for a ride.
  • Rifts (Battle Royale): test your courage and step through a Rift. You’re in for a wild ride.
  • Challenge the Horde (Save the World): rally the squad and prepare for the ultimate challenge of survival and teamwork.
  • Wild West Heroes (Save the World): saddle up with the new Wild West Heroes, available during the Road Trip event.
  • Flintlock Weapons (Save the World): Let the sparks fly! Fight off hordes of Husks with the new Flintlock Weapons set.

Source: Epic Games

Starship Avenger

Today, Tom Create announced a game for the Nintendo Switch: Starship Avenger, releasing on July 19th in Japan. It will cost 500 Yen, and will require only 123MB of free space. It does offer an English language option, which implies a worldwide release (maybe even simultaneous) is in the works.

Here’s a trailer and some screenshots:

Starship Avenger (Switch – eShop) comes out on July 19th in Japan. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Famitsu

The VideoKid

Today, Chorus Worldwide announced their next game for the Nintendo Switch: The VideoKid, releasing on August 30th in Japan. It costs 500 Yen, but is available for pre-purchase with a 10% off discount. It requires only 285MB of free space, and offers an English (and other languages) option (which implies it will be released worldwide).

Here’s a trailer and some screenshots:

The VideoKid (Switch – eShop) comes out on August 30th in Japan. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Nintendo / Famitsu

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is a Free 2 Start action game released last week on Nintendo Switch, and it’s off to a decent start. In just a week, the game has been downloaded over 50 000 times. Still no word on the European and North American release, but keep in mind the Japanese version does offer an English language option!

Source: Cyberstep (Twitter)

7 Billion Humans

In the weeks leading to the release 7 Billion Humans, Tomorrow Corporation is going to reveal one track from the game’s soundtrack (composed by Kyle Gabler). The first one is called “Welcome, All 7 Billion Humans”, and it’s the main theme!

7 Billion Humans (Switch – eShop) doesn’t have a release date yet.


Yesterday, Sekai Project announced that Chapter 1 of the Nekopara manga will be released in August at Kobo, Amazon, and other distributors. Comixology will follow “soon after”.

Source: Sekai Project (Twitter)


Here’s the latest video clip for Wandersong:

Wandersong (Switch – eShop) comes out later this year in Europe and North America.

Bad North

Here’s the latest video clip for Bad North:

Bad North (Switch – eShop) comes out this Summer in Europe and North America.

Bomber Crew

Here’s the launch trailer for Bomber Crew, now available in Europe and North America:

Another World

Here’s the Japanese launch trailer for Another World, now available in Japan:


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