The Engine Room: new SteamWorld game announced for 2017

Today, Image & Form uploaded another episode of The Engine Room, their webshow entirely dedicated to the SteamWorld series. In this episode, a few really exciting announcements are made, but it starts with a simple retrospective of 2016. They also mention the Nintendo eShop sales for SteamWorld Dig and Heist (Wii U and Nintendo 3DS), which are currently going on in Europe and North America.

As for 2017, it will be the year of the Image & Form 20th Anniversary, and it looks like they have lots of surprises in store. One of them is none other than a brand new SteamWorld game. What game exactly? We don’t know, but Image & Form will talk about it next year. Could it be that SteamWorld Quest we heard about a few months ago?

One thing’s guaranteed, though: this game will come to a Nintendo platform. That includes the Nintendo Switch, since Image & Form were among the very first in Europe to get a devkit (and are already working on games for it).

Next year, Image & Form will also attend the following events:

  • PAX East in Boston (March), where the new SteamWorld game will be shown
  • GDC in San Fransisco (February/March)
  • gamescom in Cologne (August)

Also, next year will see the return of the Ambassador Challenges, that will be bigger than ever.

Here’s the latest episode of The Engine Room:

Watch until the end if you want to win a copy of the SteamWorld Collection on Wii U (or PS4)!



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