The Engine Room #20: Image & Form confirms Nintendo Switch development

Today, Image & Form uploaded the 20th episode of The Engine Room, their webshow about all things SteamWorld. This one is a bit special, because it’s about a certain Nintendo console that was revealed today… that’s right: the Nintendo Switch!

Basically, they confirm that Image & Form is developing for the Nintendo Switch. But what exactly? They don’t tell, so we don’t know if they’re working on a port of SteamWorld Heist / Dig and/or a new game. They also revealed they were the very first developers from Europe to know about the console, and to get a devkit.

In fact, they’ve known even before E3 2016. During the Game Developer Conference 2016, they met with Nintendo and received an invitation after that. At Nintendo of Europe, getting to see the Nintendo Switch was apparently quite the experience, especially with the high-security in place to make sure nobody just wanders in “by accident”. In fact, it looks like very few people at Nintendo of Europe actually knew about the console itself.

Finally, they explain that keeping the console a secret was really hard… especially with people speculating non-stop in the past few months. The thing is, they couldn’t even tell the other Image & Form employees, so no casual discussion around the coffee machine.

Here’s the latest episode of The Engine Room, featuring the Nintendo Switch:


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