Elsie: new playable character revealed (Andru: The First Guardian)

Playtonic Friends have shared a brand new trailer for Elsie (an upcoming Neo retro roguelike developed by Knight Shift Games). It reveals a new character, which is also the second playable character after the titular protagonist. His full name is Andru: The First Guardian.

Andru is a melee-based character who uses a variety of elemental swords, claws, and ghost blades (all with different play styles, abilities, and effects!) to dispatch enemies with power and style.

Here’s the trailer introducing this second playable character:

Joining the battle is Andru, a melee-based character with a bespoke suite of bladed weapons and power augments. While he has a similar base movement kit to Elsie, such as dash attack, dive, and bounce, his gameplay really diverges when it comes to his loadouts.

Andru’s suite of weapons include a variety of elemental swords, claws, and ghost blades, all with different play styles, abilities, and effects. Every weapon class has three elemental variations similar to Elsie’s guns. Each type of elemental weapon has a different play style and feel, including different combos, attack speeds, and distinct effects that open up a slew of gameplay possibilities.

About Elsie

Shifting Domains Await

With each new run, delve into the ever-shifting domains across Planet Ekis’s gorgeous neon-drenched pixelated biomes. Each environment has its own set of challenges with unique enemies to overcome as you learn attack patterns and weaknesses.

Augmented Action

Embrace the chaos of continually changing opportunities, making decisions about character upgrades, skills and weapons that will drastically change the feel of each run. Experiment with different playstyles and create synergies for devastating potential.

Critical Control

Experience the evolution of classic run and gun gameplay tightly tuned into a bullet hell ballet. Dash, dive and shoot across stages full or dynamic enemies whilst performing perfectly timed precision parrying.

  • Adrenaline pumping platforming with unique parry system
  • Procedurally generated runs through neon-drenched pixel stages
  • Endless synergies with dozens of weapons, skills and augments
  • Tons of replayability with hours of content and daily challenges

Elsie (Switch – eShop) does not have a release date yet, but is slated for a 2023 release in Europe and North America.

Source: Playtonic Games PR (14/11/2022) / Playtonic Games (Steam)


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