E3 2015: Nintendo holding a Business Presentation, focus on 2015 games and 2016 sneak peeks

This week, Nintendo finally revealed its plans for the 2015 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). There will be several events:

– Nintendo World Championships 2015
– Nitnendo Digital Event
– Nintendo Treehouse Live
– Nintendo Access: Mario Maker @ BestBuy

But it turns out there will be one more event this year: a Business Presentation. During this presentation (seemingly catering to analysists and other people focusing on the business side of Nintendo), Nintendo will give attended an “insider look” at upcoming products launching before the end of the year, but also a sneak peek aof what’s coming in 2016.


We don’t quite know what Nintendo is going to show during this Business Presentation, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to be more or less the same thing as the Nintendo Digital Event (but with some details / data focusing on business). Usually, behind closed door reveals happen during the developer round-tables on Tuesday and Wednesday evening (local time).

The only interesting part in the invitation above is the focus on 2015 products and a sneak peek at 2016 stuff at E3 2016. This doesn’t come as a surprise though, as Nintendo has been doing just that (focus on current year, tease some next year projects too) for many years now. With the exception of some major titles (such as the latest The Legend of Zelda entry), Nintendo games are usually not shown at E3 if they’re not coming within the next year or so.

One thing’s guaranteed though: this business presentation won’t feature any news on Nintendo’s mobile games, Quality of Life platform or Project NX.

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