eShop news (Jan. 27): Duck Game on Switch? / Lifespeed trailer / Upcoming games

Today’s Indie news: Duck Game possibly releasing on the Nintendo Switch, but also…

  • Lifespeed
  • Upcoming games
  • Parascientific Escape
  • Punch Club

Duck Game

For those who don’t know, Duck Game is 2D action game, that features shooting and platforming elements. If that doesn’t tell you much, check out the following video:

The reason we’re writing about this game today is because its creator, Landon Podbielski, told a fan that he was quite interested in bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch, and that he was trying to get a devkit.

In other words: a Nintendo Switch port for Duck Game isn’t happening just yet, but it’s probably a matter of time until it is!

Thanks wwm0nkey for the heads up.


Looking for neat-looking futuristic racing game for your New Nintendo 3DS? Then Wee Man Studios has the game for you: Lifespeed. It was actually announced a while ago, but development is finally complete, and the release has been set for February (the release date will be announced in the upcoming days, though the Nintendo eShop in Europe lists it for February 2nd).

While we wait for that release date, why not check out the new trailer for the game?

Lifespeed (New 3DS – eShop) will be released in February in Europe and North America.

Upcoming games

Here’s some upcoming games listed on the Nintendo eShop in Europe:

[Wii U eShop] Star Splash: Shattered Star (Snails Animation): 3.49€ [releasing on February 2nd, requires 365.6Mo of free space]
[Wii U eShop] Koi DX (Circle Ent.): 3.99€ [releasing on February 2nd, requires 1111.1Mo of free space]
[Wii U eShop] Maze Break (nuGAME): 7€ [releasing on February 9th, requires 202.7Mo of free space]
[3DS eShop] Punch Club (tinyBuild Games): 9.99€ [releasing on February 2nd]
[3DS eShop] Legna Tactica (KEMCO): 9.99€ [releasing on February 2nd]
[New 3DS eShop] Lifespeed (Wee Man Studios): 5.99€ [releasing on February 2nd]

Parascientific Escape

A few days ago, Circle Ent. announced that they were bringing the sequel to Parascientific Escape to North America (and Europe), and that it had already passed lotcheck at Nintendo of America. And yesterday, they announced they were planning to release it on February 9th in North America… if everything goes well. As for the European release, we will most likely have to wait a bit longer before getting an announcement…

The Upcoming Releases page has been updated!

Punch Club

Here’s the launch trailer for Punch Club, now available in North America (and coming soon in Europe):


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