Dragalia Lost to be shut down this November

Nearly 1 year ago, Cygames announced that starting November 2021, Dragalia Lost would be receiving less new content moving forward (less characters, less events, and more re-runs of past events). And earlier this year, it was announced that the Main Story was coming to an end (the final chapter was added last month), and that the game would be shut down later down the line.

And today, a new notice from Cygames reveals that Dragalia Lost will be shut down at the end of November:

  • Europe: November 30th at 7AM
  • UK: November 30th at 6AM
  • North America (ET): November 30th at 1AM
  • North America (PT): November 29th at 10PM
  • Japan: November 30th at 1PM

Starting today, players can no longer purchase diamantum. As for the Upgrade Essentials & Packs, which can be purchased from the in-game Shop using diamantium, it will no longer be available for purchase starting October 31st.

Naturally, players who still have unspent diamantum are advised to spend it before the game is shut down in November (it can be spent on summoning, constructing the Halidom, recovering stamina and getherwings, and using continues). In Japan, players will be able to ask for a refund once service has ended (via a form available from within the game itself), but it’s unclear if it will also be the case in other countries/regions.

You can check how many diamantum you have left from within the app.

Unfortunately, it does not look like Dragalia Lost will get an offline version, which would have allowed players to keep playing the content that doesn’t require an internet connection (like the Main Story). This is truly the end of the line for Dragalia Lost, which was first launched back in 2018.

Source: Cygames / Nintendo


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