Dragalia Lost: major changes coming to Summoning, Eldwater; Fire Emblem Heroes event dated

Dragalia Lost: Summoning

The development team have announced some major changes coming to Dragalia Lost on April 25th/26th, following some maintenance. Basically, they’re changing how summoning works.

They have received tons of feedback since launch, and have made quite a few changes in various areas. But there’s one they haven’t touched yet: summoning. But this will soon change with the upcoming update, which will make a significant change to how summoning works.

The big change is that Wyrmprints will no longer be available from summoning, which will be used exclusively for getting new characters and dragons moving forward. This will definitely help you get rare characters and/or dragons, though keep in mind the actual appearance rates remain unchanged:

  • 5★ total appearance rate: 4.00%
  • 4★ total appearance rate: 16.00%
  • 3★ total appearance rate: 80.00%

So… what about wyrmprints, you ask? There will be several ways to get them:

  • from the in-game shop. You will need to use eldwater to purchase them (includes wyrmprints from previous summon showcases);
  • from quests, with a low chance of getting one at the end (including 5★ wyrmprints!)

Here’s how much eldwater you will need to purchase wyrmprints:

Trade #       5★      4★     3★
1            4,000    2,000    200
2            6,000    3,000    300
3            9,000    4,000    400
4            9,000    4,000    400
5            9,000    4,000    400

The amount of eldwater required will reset after the 5th trade.

But that’s not all: the developers are also lowering the amount of Diamantium and wyrmite required for Summoning. Here’s the new amounts:

  • Single Summon
    • Before: 150
    • After: 120
  • Tenfold Summon
    • Before: 1,500
    • After: 1,200

At the same time, the number of eldwater that can be obtained by summoning with diamantium, wyrmite, or summon vouchers will also change

NB: no changes to the amount of diamantium used for the Daily Deal, the number of times you can summon with a Summon Voucher or Tenfold Summon Voucher, or the prices of any summon-related products in the Shop.

Naturally, with such a big change, the amount of eldwater acquired will also get boosted. Here’s the new amounts when summoning a duplicate adventurer or when parting ways with a dragon:

Before: 3,000
After: 8,500

Before: 1,000
After: 2,200

Also, the developers are planning to distribute eldwater for players who have already received eldwater for summoning a duplicate 4★ or 5★ adventurer, or parting ways with a 4★ or 5★ dragon, and as compensation for the new amounts of wyrmite and Diamantium required for Summoning:

  • 5★: 5,500
  • 4★: 1,200
  • 3★: The total of the difference between the amount of eldwater effectively received from past summons using diamantium, wyrmite, or summon vouchers, and the expected average amount of eldwater which could have been obtained using the new summoning prices above.

Basically, the amount of eldwater you will get as log-in bonus will be based on the difference between the old and new values, and this is for every single character or dragon.

Also, there will be a regular Log-in Bonus for all players:

  • Wyrmite x4,500
  • Eldwater x25,000

Source: official website

Dragalia Lost: Fire Emblem Heroes event

The collab. event with Fire Emblem Heroes, called Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes, will go live right after the mainteance on April 25th/26th, and will run until May 14th. More details to be shared in the near future!

Source: official website

As usual, keep an eye on the Events and Content Updates and Summons page to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Dragalia Lost!



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