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Devil’s Third: maintenance taking place in a few hours, new mode to be unlocked

Devil's Third titleIt seems that Valhalla Games has chosen to go with a strategy similar to Splatoon’s when it comes to new content, “unlocked” on a regular basis (with the first batch coming in a few hours). A few minutes ago, they announced that servers for online play in Devil’s Third would once again be down for routine maintenance in a few hours:

  • Europe: 2AM to 5AM (Tuesday)
  • UK: 1AM to 4AM (Tuesday)
  • North America (EDT): 8PM to 11PM (Monday)
  • North America (PDT): 5PM to 8PM (Monday)
  • Japan: 9AM to 12PM

Following this maintenance, one new game mode will be unlocked:

  • Guardian (Drill mode), where you will be able to get 5x experience points until September 15th (2AM CET)

Also, don’t forget that you can still get:

  • 5x experience points until September 8th (2AM CET) in Carnival (Drill mode)
  • 5x area rewards until September 15th (2AM CET) Badlands (Siege area)

Devil’s Third (Wii U) will come out on December 11th in North America.

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