Daily news (September 23, Round 3): Fallen Legion Revenants / Port Royale 4

Today’s Daily news: release dates for Fallen Legion Revenants, but also…

  • Port Royale 4
  • Tennis World Tour 2
  • Taishou x Alice Heads & Tails
  • Super Mega Baseball 3

Fallen Legion Revenants

NIS America have announced that Fallen Legion Revenants will be released on February 16th in North America, February 19th in Europe, and February 27th in Oceania.

Here’s the latest trailer:

Precise attacks and blocks, combos and deathblows, and exploitation of enemy weaknesses is key in taking back a ruined realm. Will Rowena and the Exemplars be able to vanquish their plague-ridden foes?

Fallen Legion Revenants (Switch) comes out on February 16th in North America, February 19th in Europe, and February 27th in Oceania. No release date for Japan yet.

Source: NIS America PR

Port Royale 4

Here’s a Featurette for Port Royale 4:

Get an insight into Port Royale 4. Daniel Dumont, Creative Director and Studio Manager of Gaming Minds Studios as well as Kay Struve, Technical Director, will answer your biggest questions about Port Royale 4, regarding main game features and other interesting topics.

And here’s some more details:

Port Royale 4 lets you choose between four colonial nations of the 16th and 17th century. Conquer the Caribbean with historical ships, a far-reaching and complex trading system and ever-growing islands. Take on four extensive single-player campaigns and follow the respective nations on their path to supremacy, with each faction providing different benefits and gameplay styles. For the first time in the Port Royale series fight against rivalling nations and pirates in tactical turn-based naval battles.

Port Royale 4 (Switch) does not have a release date yet.

Tennis World Tour 2

Here’s the latest trailer for Tennis World Tour 2, along with some more details and the list of key features:

Tennis World Tour 2 offers several new features and improvements to give players an immersive experience. The card system is back, orientated more around gameplay. With 5 cards available at the beginning of the match, the player will need to think tactically and use them at key moments: increased stamina, a more precise service, or the reduction of the competitor’s power by some points, these are crucial in swinging a close match.

The career mode of Tennis World Tour 2 lets you manage every aspect of your career on your journey to become rank 1: from the choice of appearance, to staff recruitment, and the organization of each season, leave nothing to chance if you want to win points and advance to the most prestigious tournaments.

The pace of the game has been improved by the addition of our precision return mechanic. Correctly understanding the rhythm of the rally will allow you to optimize the power and precision of your returns. Additionally, several types of courts are available, which influence both the ball and the players. Adapt your game to the area and the weather conditions to maximize your chances of picking up the win!

Finally, the online mode is also back. More stable and complete, it includes new features like double matches and the solo ranked mode.

With more realistic gameplay and the chance to play as the biggest tennis stars in world-famous competitions, Tennis World Tour 2 is a simulation made to please both tennis fans and demanding gamers.

  • Highly anticipated new features: the ability to play doubles matches with up to 4 players locally and online, a competitive mode, an improved serve system and a new shot timing mechanic
  • More realistic: more animations create smoother gameplay
  • Multiple game modes: Career, Quick Match, Online, Tournament, Ranked Match and Tie Break Tens – there’s a format to suit every player
  • Several official courts: The Estadio Manolo Santana of the Mutua Madrid Open, the OWL ARENA of Halle or the 3 courts of Roland-Garros: Philippe-Chatrier, Suzanne-Lenglen and Simonne-Mathieu.

Tennis World Tour 2 (Switch) comes out on October 15th in Europe and North America, and December 17th in Japan.

Taishou x Alice Heads & Tails

Here’s the opening video for Taishou x Alice Heads & Tails:

Taishou x Alice Heads & Tails (Switch) comes out on October 29th in Japan.

Super Mega Baseball 3

Metalhead Software have announced that Update 4 for Super Mega Baseball 3 will be released on September 29th in Europe and North America. It will add a new mode, called Online Leagues (previously known as Custom Pennant Race):

Online Leagues will allow users to set up custom leagues and invite friends from other platforms. Leagues can be setup and played casually via matchmaking within the league, or alternatively, competitive users can play according to their own externally coordinated schedule via a match-against-specific user feature. Unlike Pennant Race mode, Online Leagues with default settings will allow usage of all Standard teams, full visual customization, and user-controlled Ego settings.

  • Use invite codes to set up private leagues to play cross-platform with friends.
  • Play in short term or long term seasons, with statistics tracked throughout the season.
  • Customize settings and rules, such as Ego (difficulty) level and game length.
  • Play with SMB3 standard teams or fully customized user teams.
  • Create large leagues – up to 32 players.
  • Queue for games against any opponent in the league, or queue against a specific user.

Watch Modes is also getting some changes:

Update 4 also features a surprise mode that has yet to be announced. Watch mode will offer users a new way to simulate AI versus AI games by allowing the user to control various cameras around the stadiums. These camera angles will let users observe the on-field action at different dynamic angles and viewpoints, allowing for a different gameplay experience.

And here’s a trailer showcasing the update:

Source: Metalhead Software PR

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