Daily news (October 26, Round 5): Mad Rat Dead / Minecraft Dungeons

Today’s Daily news: latest video for Mad Rat Dead, but also…

  • Minecraft Dungeons
  • Minecraft
  • Dead by Daylight
  • World of Tanks
  • Paladins

Mad Rat Dead

Here’s the latest video for Mad Rat Dead:

Mad Rat Dead (Switch) comes out on October 29th in Japan, October 30th in Europe and North America, and November 6th in Oceania.

Minecraft Dungeons

Here’s the latest video for Minecraft Dungeons, showcasing the Spooky Fall Event (which runs from October 27th to November 3rd: click here for all the details!):


Here’s Epiosde 4 of the How We Make Minecraft video series:

Dead by Daylight

Here’s a livestream recording for Dead by Daylight, with a Q&A:

World of Tanks

Here’s the latest video for World of Tanks, showcasing the Way of the Raider Event (which runs until October 31st):

Complete missions, collect Pyroleum, and unlock the stages. Earn heaps of Credits, Gold, Boosters, and other valuable stuff. If you prove yourself a true conqueror of the Wasteland, you will be treated to the Tier V Spike and the Tier VII Annihilator tanks.


Here’s the latest video for Paladins:


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