Daily news (May 14): Rune Factory 5 / Miitopia

Today’s Daily news: some more footage for Rune Factory 5, but also…

  • Miitopia
  • Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed
  • Shiro to Kuro no Alice for Nintendo Switch
  • Chess Knights: Shinobi
  • Okinawa Rush

Rune Factory 5

Here’s some more footage for Rune Factory 5:

Rune Factory 5 (Switch) comes out on May 20th in Japan. No release date for Europe and North America yet, but the game is slated for a 2021 release in those regions.


Here’s some more footage for Miitopia:

Miitopia (Switch) comes out on May 21st worldwide.

Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed

XSEED have announced that Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed will be released on July 20th in North America, and July 23rd in Europe. As previously announced, several editions will be available:

  • Regular (digital): $39.99
  • 10th Anniversary Edition (retail): $49.99

The 10th Anniversary Edition includes the following:

  • Retail edition of the game
  • Custom box with exclusive art
  • Softcover artbook with over 96 pages of illustrations, commemorative short story, and concept artwork from the AKIBA’S TRIP series
  • Original Soundtrack of 47 songs on 2 CDs

Also, XSEED have confirmed that the game will feature dual-audio, with both Japanese and English voice overs.

Finally, here’s the latest trailer and some more details:

Return to an accurately modeled Akihabara circa 2011, Japan’s famous electric town, and explore the bustling streets and back alleys of this otaku paradise. But beware the seedy underworld lurking in the shadows! After finding his missing friend unconscious and bleeding in an alley, young otaku Nanashi is attacked by a sinister figure straight out of a horror manga and left to die. As he lays dying, a mysterious young lady offers him some of her blood, both saving his life and changing it forever.

Now a Shadow Soul, one of the very creatures that attacked him and his friend, he’s been imbued with superhuman strength and stamina…and a deadly weakness to sunlight. Caught up in a world of supernatural politics, Nanashi must contend with NIRO, a covert agency dedicated to hunting down paranormal threats, and the family of Shadow Souls, a group of inhuman monsters. It’s up to him and his friends, the self-styled ‘Akiba Freedom Fighters’ to preserve the peace of Akihabara and prevent an all-out war from tearing the town apart.

Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed (Switch) comes out on May 20th in Japan, July 20th in North America, and July 23rd in Europe and North America.

Source: XSEED PR

Shiro to Kuro no Alice for Nintendo Switch

Here’s some footage for Shiro to Kuro no Alice for Nintendo Switch:

Shiro to Kuro no Alice for Nintendo Switch (Switch) comes out on June 24th in Japan.

Chess Knights: Shinobi

QUByte Interactive have announced their latest game for the Nintendo Switch: Chess Knights: Shinobi, a turn-based puzzle game inspired by Chess developed by Minimol Games. It will be released on May 18th in Europe and North America.

Here’s a trailer:

Chess Knights: Shinobi is an original turn-based puzzle game inspired by Chess. Become a Ninja in feudal Japan and prove your skills in the art of infiltration, sabotage and assassination.

Chess Knights: Shinobi (Switch – eShop) comes out on May 18th in Europe and North America.

Source: QUByte Interactive (Twitter)

Okinawa Rush

No Gravity Games have announced that Okinawa Rush will be released later this year in Europe and North America.

Here’s the latest trailer, some more details, the list of key features, and lots of screenshots:

Fasten your kimono, pull up a comfortable chair, and get ready to immerse yourself in the nostalgia of beating up the bad guys spending hours learning combos, and mastering each stage. After its successful 2017 Kickstarter conquered the hearts of fans, Okinawa Rush is finally here with a breathtakingly beautiful demo. Fight using swords, nunchakus, bo staffs, or simply with your fists, and battle through carefully crafted pixel-art environments. Take advantage of the fast, fluid combat system and combo, juggle and parry your way through hordes of enemies. Master the game, upload your high score, and reach the top of the scoreboard!

Okinawa Rush is a retro platformer with a focus on fighting, and a combat system inspired by fighting games like Street Fighter, and a beautifully nostalgic pixel-art art style reminiscent of old Amiga games

A Ruthless army of ninjas known as the Black Mantis clan have come to Okinawa to loot, pillage, and kill anyone that gets in their way. Above all else, they are searching for the legendary training scroll of Hiro Yashima who has honed his martial skill to a supernatural level, summoning flame and sound to vanquish his foes.

Okinawa Rush is about intense, skillful gameplay – including “just frame” commands. It is also intuitive enough for someone completely new to games to be able to pick up and immediately get into the action.

Take on the role of the martial arts master Hiro, Meilin, or Shin as they face off in a desperate fight for their lives against the Black Mantis clan.

DOUBLE THE MAYHEM: Bring a friend and battle against ninjas, demons, and more in the 2-player local co-op mode of this action-adventure platformer set in a mystical, fantasy version of Okinawa.

The fast, fluid combat system, courtesy of the custom engine, brings with it many moves, combos, juggles, and an intuitive parrying system – easy to learn, hard to master.

  • Custom-made fighting engine with unique moves for each character.
  • Fight with swords, nunchakus, and bo staffs.
  • Engaging story told with carefully crafted pixel-art cut-scenes.
  • Many different enemies, each with their own moveset and weapons.
  • Intense boss battles.
  • Arcade mode for those who want to jump straight into the action.
  • Parry any attacks, projectiles, and traps!
  • Upload your high scores and compete globally with other players!
  • Discover many secrets and hidden areas!
  • Play together in a local co-op mode, and heal each other to achieve victory!

Okinawa Rush (Switch – eShop) comes out in 2021 in Europe and North America.

Source: No Gravity Games PR

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