Daily news (February 19, Round 4) – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order / Two Point Hospital

Today’s Daily news: release date for the 3rd DLC set for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, but also…

  • Two Point Hospital
  • The Survivalists
  • Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
  • Dragon Quest Rivals
  • 3000th Duel

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Nintendo have announced that the 3rd DLC set for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, Fantastic Four: Shadow of Doom, will be released on March 26th.

Assemble your Ultimate Team with some heroic new additions. The Fantastic Four will join the alliance to take on the man in the iron mask himself, Doctor Doom

Source: Nintendo (Twitter)

Two Point Hospital

Here’s the latest video for Two Point Hospital:

Two Point Hospital (Switch) comes out on February 25th in Europe and North America.

The Survivalists

Team17 have shared some more details about The Survivalists, this time focusing on the Mimic System (which allows you to have monkeys help you around the island):

‘The Mimic System’ will see players befriend and tame wild monkeys before training them with bananas. As they munch down on their musa, players will have to show their primate cousins the actions to replicate and provide the necessary tools. From there, they’ll gladly help and support survivors in their adventures. Players will be able to harness the power of multiple monkeys to create ‘monkey chain’, setting them up to work together to achieve a greater goal such as creating an axe for another to chop down trees for wood that can be used by others to build bases.


Tame and train monkeys to become:

  • Warriors: Can be equipped with swords, axes, and spears, to support survivors as they defend against orcling raids!
  • Archers: See off orclings and keep wildlife at range with bow and arrow-armed monkeys
  • Craftsmen: Train primates to build weapons, and craft tools and building materials
  • Landscapers: Monkeys can be armed with tools to gather resources, chop down trees, mine rocks, and clear foliage

Players will gather resources and master a deep crafting system with multiple trees; overcome quests delivered by a mysterious stranger or by messages in bottles washed up on the beach; and go on unique adventures across a multitude of biomes and wildernesses either solo or cooperatively with three others through online multiplayer.

And here’s the latest set of screenshots for the game:

The Survivalists (Switch) comes out later this year worldwide.

Source: Team17 PR

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Activision have revealed the latest and final Grand Prix for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: the Gasmoxia Grand Prix. It will go live on February 20th, and will bring the following to the game:

  • a new track
  • a new character
  • new Karts
  • new skins
  • a new set of Time Trials

Here’s the trailer for it:

You can find more details about Gasmoxia Grand Prix on this page!

Dragon Quest Rivals

Here’s the recording of the latest Square-Enix livestream, showcasing Dragon Quest Rivals (and more precisely the 10th Card Pack, out on February 20th in Japan):

3000th Duel

Here’s the launch trailer for 3000th Duel, now available in Europe and North America:

3000th Duel (Switch – eShop) comes out on February 20th in Japan.


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