Daily news (April 14, Round 3): King of Seas / Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Today’s Daily news: new release date for King of Seas, but also…

  • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
  • Picross S6
  • RiMS Racing
  • Minecraft
  • Dead by Daylight

King of Seas

3DClouds have announced that King of Seas will be released on May 25th in Europe and North America.

Here’s the latest trailer:

King of Seas (Switch – eShop) comes out on May 25th in Europe and North America.

Source: 3DClouds PR

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

nWay have announced that they’re not quite done with DLC for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid! They have announced not one, but two more DLC characters. And this time, the new characters are not from the Power Rangers universe, but from… Street Fighter! Both Ryu and Chun-Li are coming to the game pretty soon.

Here’s a trailer, some details, and some pictures for Ryu in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid:

Lord Zedd has weakened the Morphin Grid and is starting to break down the walls between realities. Ryu finds himself transported to the world of the Rangers where he acquires a Power Coin and takes on the mantle of the Crimson Hawk Ranger. Ryu brings to the battle his trademark stoic, reserved poise and a lifetime of Shotokan training. His fluid, almost water-like fighting style is deadly at both range and up close, with his moves executed using classic, genre-defining input commands. Keep opponents on their toes from a distance with classic Hadouken, or punish aggressive play up close with his Tastumaki Senpukyaku or iconic Shoryuken.

The new DLC characters will be included in the Street Fighter Pack, which comes out on May 25th. It costs $12.50, and includes the following:

  • Ryu, Crimson Hawk Ranger ($5.99 separately)
  • Chun-Li, Blue Phoenix Ranger ($5.99 separately)
  • Exclusive skins to be revealed at a later date

And that’s not all! A new edition, the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Super Edition, will be released on the same day for $49.99 (with retail release following in July). It includes the following:

  • The base Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid game
    • Season One Pass
    • Season Two Pass
    • Season Three Pass
  • Street Fighter Pack
  • 4 Bonus Character Skins

Already own the game? Upgrade Kits will also be available for purchase separately.

Source: nWay PR

Picross S6

Jupiter have announced their latest game for the Nintendo Switch: Picross S6, releasing on April 22nd worldwide. In Japan, it will cost 1 000 Yen. This new entry in the Picross S series will feature no less than 485 puzzles:

  • Picross and Mega Picross: 300 puzzles
  • Clip Picross: 150 puzzles
  • Color Picross: 30 puzzles
  • Extra Picross (unlocked with save data for Picross S1, S2, S3): 5 puzzles

Here’s a trailer and some pictures:

Jupiter S6 (Switch – eShop) comes out on April 22nd worldwide.

Source: Famitsu

RiMS Racing

Nacon have announced their latest game for the Nintendo Switch: RiMS Racing, a motorcycling game developed by RaceWard Studio that combines mechanics and riding. It will be released on April 19th in Europe and North America.

Here’s a trailer, some details, and some pictures (screenshots, boxart):

By making mechanics a central part of the game, RiMS Racing provides a unique simulation experience requiring engineering and riding skills. Using an innovative mechanics management system, you can optimise every part of your bike down to the smallest component. With over 500 official spare parts available and more than 200 official equipment items for the rider, RiMS Racing sets a new standard for customisation options.

Just like a real rider, you can analyse the behaviour of your motorcycle in real time to optimise your set-up. From brake disc temperature and tyre pressure to suspension behaviour and electronics, the ultra-realistic and precise physics of RiMS Racing recreates every hazard of the race.

You start your adventure by choosing a motorcycle from eight of the most powerful European and Japanese models, recreated with unparalleled accuracy thanks to tight collaboration with the manufacturers. The video features the MV Agusta F4 RC and its precision mechanics. This four-cylinder bike with over 200 horsepower is MV Agusta’s flagship model and is fitted with an Ohlins TTX 36 shock absorber, Brembo radial braking system and fairing made primarily of carbon. All these components are reproduced in the finest detail in RiMS Racing.

Another iconic motorcycle that players will love riding is the Ducati Panigale V4 R. With this masterpiece from Ducati, the Italian manufacturer of sport-inspired motorcycles characterised by high-performance engines, innovative design and cutting-edge technology, every detail has been designed specifically for racing: aerodynamics, the chassis, performance, even the mesmerising sound of its engine.

Silverstone Circuit, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, Suzuka Circuit, Nürburgring GP Track, Circuit Paul Ricard… Travel the world and enjoy thrilling races on 10 faithfully recreated official circuits. For those who prefer roads, five routes in the stunning landscapes of the United States, Norway, Australia, Spain and Italy have been recreated for a different racing experience on two wheels!

RiMS Racing (Switch) comes out on August 19th in Europe and North America.

Source: Nacon PR


Mojang Studios have shared some big news about the next major update for Minecraft, Caves & Cliffs, announced at Minecraft Live several months ago. Due to the update ending even more ambitious than initially planned, the Mojang Studios have taken the decision to split the update in two parts: the first one will be released this Summer, and the second part around the holiday season.

Here’s a video message:

You can find more details on this page!

Dead by Daylight

Here’s the latest video for Dead by Daylight:

The Upcoming Games page has been updated!


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