Daily Briefs (May 27) – Nintendo Badge Arcade / Midnight 2

Today’s Daily Briefs:

  • Nintendo Badge Arcade / Splatoon
  • Midnight 2
  • Nintendo pajamas
  • Mario Maze Game
  • Monster Hunter X / Generations
  • Bou Ningen Challenge!

Nintendo Badge Arcade / Splatoon

This week, Splatoon celebrates its very first anniversary (May 28th in Japan, May 29th in Europe and North America). To celebrate, Nintendo has added some new Splatoon badges to Nintendo Badge Arcade in Japan, including some Splatoon x Wario Ware / Nikki crossover badges!

Here’s some pictures:

Pre-orders for the new Splatoon amiibo figures (Marie & Callie, and the alt. colour amiibo) started today in Japan. Players who pre-order the Mario & Callie bundle at Seven Net Shopping will get a Splatoon cleaning cloth:

Source: Gamern.ne.jp / Nintendo
Via: JoeM86

Midnight 2

Today, Petite Games announced that Midnight 2 had passed lotcheck at Nintendo. A release date will most likely be announced within the next couple of days!

Head after the break for the rest of this post!

Nintendo pajamas

Bikinis aren’t your thing, and you’d rather buy some sleepwear instead? Good news: Target is selling some Nintendo pajamas!

Here’s some pictures:

Mario Maze Game

Next month (on June 18th), Epoch will release another maze game based on Super Mario in Japan. Here’s some pictures:

Source: Amazon
Via: Video Game Memorabilia Museum

Monster Hunter X / Generations

Today, Capcom released two additiona Event Quests for Monster Hunter X / Generations (both HR4), with more coming next week (on June 3rd). Here’s some screenshots for them:

Source: Famitsu

Bou Ningen Challenge!

Here’s two gameplay videos for Bou Ningen Challenge! (Nintendo 3DS, eShop), which is already available in Japan:



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