Daily Briefs (May 26): Advertisement and bikinis

Today’s Daily Briefs:

Gaming-related Advertisement in the United States

Here’s some data about gaming-related advertisement in the United States, from April 16th to May 15th:

  • 35 brands ran commercials
  • 76 commercials were run 18 666 times
  • 341 000 social actions generated
  • 225 000 searches generated
  • 71 million online views

Nintendo was #4 for that month, with 14.83% of total advertising spending. Nintendo promoted two franchises, but focused on Star Fox Zero. The company ran ads during The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad, primarily. This lead to 90 million impressions, 2 million online views (including 1.9 million for the “Foxy Fox” spot.

Source: VentureBeat


Tired of you (or your girlfriend) always wearing the same old bikini? Why not a put a bit of video game in your summer? Merchoid got you covered with some Mario and Zelda bikinis:

Mega Man Zero

As spotted by Rockman Corner, Bandai is apparently working on a 12cm Figuarts ZERO Rockman figure. Here’s a scan from Hobby Japan magazine:

Source: Rockman Corner



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