Daily Briefs (May 16) – Nintendo NY / Super Mario 64 / Sweetest Thing

Today’s Daily Briefs:

  • Nintendo NYC
  • Super Mario 64
  • Sweetest Thing

Nintendo NYC

The Nintendo NYC Store (previously known as the Nintendo World Store) is the only official Nintendo stores in the world, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Nintendo is planning to open another one any time soon. And unless you live near New York, visiting the store can be rather costly.

If you’d like to take a (virtual )tour of the store without spending a cent, you can now can thanks to the 360° video by VideoGameHeat (if you’re on a mobile device, you can even use the gyroscope to control the camera!):

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Super Mario 64

RNG stands for Random Number Generator, which is used to simulate randomness. Did you know that Super Mario 64 featured a hidden RNG system? A YouTuber called pannenkeok2012 made a video showcasing that hidden RNG, explaining what it does and how it works. It might get a bit technical, but it’s certainly worth watching if you’re interested in the technical aspect of video game development!

Sweetest Thing

Released earlier this month in Europe, Sweetest Thing (from Joindot) will be released this Thursday in North America (on May 19th). It will cost $6.99.

Source: Nintendo


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