Corpse Party: XSEED bringing the 3DS port to North America?

Corpse PartyCorpse Party: Blood Covered… repeated fear is the title of the Nintendo 3DS port of the very first Corpse Party, based on the PSP version of the game (which itself was based on the PC version, the first one to be released). It came out in July 30th 2015 in Japan, at the same time as the first Corpse Party movie, and includes some extra content.

Officially, there has been no announcement regarding a western release of the game, which led most people to believe it simply wouldn’t be released outside Japan. But it turns out that XSEED does plan on releasing it in North America (and most likely in Europe too). Indeed, the game was recently rated by the ESRB (as spotted by Gematsu):

It looks like outside Japan, the game will simply be known as Corpse Party (which is most definitely for the best!).

Since publishers never submit a game to the age classification agencies (ESRB, PEGI, USK, etc.) if they don’t plan on releasing it, that means the North American release is more or less confirmed. We should get a proper announcement from XSEED within the next few days/weeks.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if Europe will also get the same or not, since we don’t even have any details about the North American release to begin with (retail, or digital-only?).

Source: ESRB


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