Chicken Wiggle Workshop: Kickstarter campaign launched

Chicken Wiggle is the latest game from Atooi (the creators of Mutant Mudds, Xeodrifter, and many others), and it was first released on Nintendo 3DS last year (on August 17th). Unfortunately, the game wasn’t really a success (due for the most part to the active audience moving to the Nintendo Switch), but Atooi is ready to give the game a second chance with Chicken Wiggle Workshop.

Chicken Wiggle Workshop is a Nintendo Switch port of the game (featuring all the content from the original release!), with new HD artwork. The “Workshop” part in the title does not refer to any additional content, but instead the level editor and sharing tools that are a central part of the game.

For this Nintendo Switch port, Atooi is repainting every single art piece, which is no big surprise as the screen resolution of the Nintendo 3DS is 400×240 (as opposed to 1280×720 for the Nintendo Switch). You can check out some comparison screenshots below!

But in order to release Chicken Wiggle Workshop on Nintendo Switch, Atooi need some funds, which is why they turned to Kickstarter. To make this port a reality, they only need $30 000 / 24 163€. As of writing, $11 759 / 9 471€ have already been pledged, and with 29 days left, it’s probably safe to assume this Kickstarter campaign will not end like the unfortunate one for Cult County.

Once the base goal has been reached, Atooi will reveal stretch goals. We don’t know what those will consist of, but we already know that one of them will involve the one and only Grant Kirkhope composing some tracks for the new soundtrack (in fact, you can already hear one in the Kickstarter trailer).

For more details about the game and/or the Kickstarter campaign, click here!

Finally, here’s various pictures for the game:

Chicken Wiggle Workshop (Switch – eShop) will be released in December, if the Kickstarter campaign is successful! The Upcoming Games page has been updated!



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