BOXBOY! coming out this Spring in North America, screenshots/artworks and videos

Last month, a rather surprising puzzle game came out in Japan: called Hako Boy, it’s a puzzle game made by HAL Laboratory (more known for their work on the Kirby and Super Smash Bros. series). You play as Qbby, a rather angular main character, and your goal is to find the exit in over 170 levels.

To do that, you have to solve puzzles and traverse tricky landscapes, and your only ally is… boxes: you create structures out of boxes and use them to navigate through the levels. It’s a rather straightfoward but quite fun and rewarding puzzle game!

And today, Nintendo of America has announced that the game would come out this Spring in North America, where it will be called BOXBOY!. Unfortunately, the company didn’t reveal any trailer, only some screenshots and artworks!

Finally, here’s some short gameplay videos (click on “Read more”!):

BOXBOY! (3DS eShop) comes out this Spring in North America.


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