Blazblue Cross Tag Battle: 3 new characters revealed (Azrael, Yukiko Amagi, Gordeau)

Back in January, Arc System Works announced they were bringing several games to the Nintendo Switch, including New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers (already available), but also a game from the Blazblue series. Unfortunately, nothing was said about that game, until earlier this year, when it was revealed it was Blazblue Cross Tag Battle.

At the end of the third character trailer, we found out that the new character reveal would take place in late November, during the latest Arc System Works livestream. Well, it turns out late November actually meant “mid-November”, because the 4th character trailer was revealed today!

Just like the previous one, it reveals three new characters:

  • Gordeau, the Harvester (from Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st])
  • Yukiko Amagi, the Unconquerable Snow Black (from Persona 4 Arena)
  • Azrael, the Deathbringer (from Blazblue CentralFiction)

Here’s the character trailer:

At the end of this character trailer, we can see that the next character reveal will take place… actually, we don’t know when that will be, since the trailer doesn’t tell us. Maybe in early December, at the PlayStation Experience event?

By the way, if you’re interested in keeping track of the various characters revealed for the game, make sure to check out this post!

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle (Switch) comes out next year, worldwide.



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