Attack on Titan: Shichi Kara no Dasshutsu – Battle Act system detailed, more pics

Today, Koei-Tecmo shared some more details about Attack on Titan: Shichi Kara no Dasshutsu, its adventure game based on the popular Attack on Titan series. More precisely, we have details about a gameplay system called Battle Act, which is basically QTE for major events.

But first, we have some new event illustrations (done by WIT Studio, the very one working on the anime series), with:

  • Eren trying to reassure the protagonist;
  • Reiner and Berthold having just defeated a Titan;
  • Ymir protect Christa from a Titan;
  • Cornie trying to pull the protagonist up.

We also have screenshots showcasing character interactions, such as:

  • Eren being relieved his teammates are fine (1st screen), and Eren being distressed because he thinks the protagonist is only helping him because of his Titan powers (2nd screen);
  • Reiner being rather harsh with his words, which just shows how much he cares about his partner (1st screen), and both Reiner and Berthold not being able to hide their anxiety when they end up in a desperate situation (2nd screen);
  • Ymir being annoyed at Christa for always being gentle in any situation, which shows how much she cares for her friend (1st screen), and Christa being angered by Ymir constant teases 2nd screen);
  • and more…

Next, we have the Battle Act system mentioned above, which kicks in when you encouter Titans. A sequence of buttons is displayed on the screen, and you have to press them correctly within the time limit. Doing so will allow you to escape from your encounter in one piece. If you manage to press the right buttons several times in a row, the battle becomes fiercer and fiercer, until you have finally defeated the Titan(s).

Finally, here’s the latest batch of screenshots and illustrations for Attack on Titan: Shichi Kara no Dasshutsu on Nintendo 3DS:

Attack on Titan: Shichi Kara no Dasshutsu (3DS) comes out on March 30th in Japan.

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