NPD: some data for December 2016, NES Classic Edition, Pokémon Sun and Moon

Yesterday, the NPD published its monthly report for the American market, and in December, everything was down (including accessories). Total sales generated $2.8 billion million in revenues, which is a 15 % decrease Year on Year ($2.6 billion in November 2015). Hardware sales kept on dropping, despite Sony and Microsoft having launched a new version of their home console.

Here’s some raw data to begin:

  • Hardware: $994.9 million (-20%), as opposed to $1.24 billion in December 2015;
  • Console Software: $1.19 million (-12%), as opposed to $1.35 billion in December 2015;
  • Accessories (including Toys to Life category): $547.6 million (-15%), as opposed to $640.7 million in December 2015.


Software-wise, the NPD reports that Pokémon Sun and Moon sales (combined) are the best for the franchise since Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, back in 2007.


Hardware-wise, the NPD shared some data for the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System (known as Nintendo Entertainement System: NES Classic Edition in North America). Sales went slightly up in December, with +14%, which means estimated sales are around 223 000 units since launch in the United States.

This is an abysmally low number, which could have been much higher if Nintendo had not completely dropped the ball with shipments. In comparison, the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer sold about 260 000 units during its launch week in Japan.

This is not really an issue with differences between the two markets: the demand was most definitely there outside Japan, and especially in the United States. Offer simply was not enough to keep up…

Finally, Nintendo 3DS sales were up by 2% in December 2016, compared to December 2015. Thanks, Pokémon!


Unfortunately, sales in the accessories category (which includes the Toy-to-Life category, such as amiibo) dropped in December 2016. Total sales for the month were only half of what they were last year, during the same month. Also, LEGO Dimensions was the only brand to saw an increase in sales.

Source: NPD
Via: VentureBeat



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