Art Academy: results of the Splatoon drawing event

A couple of weeks ago, in July, Nintendo announced a drawing event for Splatoon, in order to celebrate the game selling over one million units worldwide. Just like the previous ones, fans had to draw something using Art Academy Sketchpad (or Art Academy Atelier, the full version of the software), and then post it in the comments of the announcement post.

The drawing event ended a couple of days ago (on August 23rd), and today, Nintendo finally announced the results. Nintendo, the Squid Research Lab and MariChan from Miiverse picked up the best drawings and posted them on their website for everyone to see. Just like last time, the quality of the drawings is quite remarkable, and certainly very refreshing!

Here’s the overall winner of the Splatoon drawing event (Gold Medal):

Silver medal:

Bronze medal:

Squid Research Lab selection:

Mari-Chan selection:

Did you take part in this Splatoon drawing event? Which drawing is your favorite? Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments!

Source: Nintendo



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