Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – New update adding gardening, clothes crafting coming soon

Update: the first major update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now available. Check out the Updates page for more details!


With Fire Emblem Heroes (and Miitomo during the first year), Nintendo is releasing a significant update every month or so, adding some new features to the game, and giving even more reasons for players to keep playing. Naturally, it was to be expected that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp would get a similar treatment!

Today, Nintendo announced that the first major udpate for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp would be available soon. The first new feature is Gardening: it will allow you to grow various types of plants in a new area of your campsite. It’s a feature where having lots of friends is beneficial, as they can help you water your garden… and you can do the same with theirs!

There are other surprises in store, including the appearance of a certain character… can you guess who it is?

Since friends are a central part of the Gardening system, a new event went live… or rather, a set of Timed Goals called “Friend Frenzy”. It’s all pretty straightforward: you have to make as many friends as you can… well, 1, 10, and 20, to be precise. You don’t have to stop at 20, though, but you have until December 21st to complete the Timed Goals.

NB: those don’t have to be “new” friends, you can clear those timed goals retroactively. In other words, if you’ve already added 10 friends, you’re all good and have nothing to do… other than claim your rewards, that is! As usual, you can find more details about new events and content updates for the game on this page!

Finally, another new feature is coming, and you’ve probably seen it already in the Crafting menu: Clothes crafting. Tops, pants, shoes… there’s so many different pieces of clothings just waiting to be crafted. The wording implies that feature will not be part of the first major update, but more details will be shared soon.

Here’s some pictures:

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