Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Details about the next update (Gulliver’s Ship and Snacks changes)

Nintendo have shared some details about an upcoming update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp that will go live on September 11th. Right now, it’s not clear whether this is a proper Software update or a simple Data Update like the one released last month. If it’s a Software update, the official patch notes will be added to this page as usual! This is a proper Software update (Ver. 2.6.0), and you can find the official patch notes on this page! All the details about this update can be found in this post!

This update will mostly focus on Gulliver’s Ship. Unfortunately, we don’t really know what will be changed at the moment. All we know right now is that if you are interacting with the ship when the update occurs, the items you gave to Gulliver and the souvenirs you were about to get will be sent to your Mailbox. Animal maps will be stored there indefinitely, but other items will only stay for 30 days.

As a result of the changes, the following Goal will be removed:

  • Give Gulliver furniture and clothing for him to expert (reward: Leaf Ticket x5)

Make sure to claim the reward if you have already cleared this Goal, as you will no longer be able to do so once it has been removed.

Finally, the update will change how snacks work. Moving forward, when you give a snack to an Animal, you will get more Friendship Lvl. Points.

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