Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Additional details about Ver. 1.2.0 (Animal outfits, Brake Tapper, Tunes, more)

Today, Nintendo released the second major update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Ver. 1.2.0. We already had some early details a few weeks ago, but now that the update is available, and the maintenance over, we finally have some more.

First, let’s start with the new features. Starting with this version of the game, you can change the outfit of visiting animals. To do so, you just need to go talk to one, select the “Change outfit!” option, and you’re ready to let your inner stylist turn your animals into the most stylish ones on earth!… or at the very least, in your camping ground (that’s a good start).

But as mentioned last time, there’s a couple of restrictions regarding this feature:

  • you can only change an animal’s outfit once you’ve reached a certain friendship level with them;
  • some outfits cannot be worn by specific animals.

Next: decorating: you can now place multiple rugs in your campsite at once. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the feature allowing you to customise the terrain in select areas is part of this update…

As for Brake Tapper, it’s a new mini-game that can be found at OK Motors. It’s pretty simple: all you have to do is line-up the pictures correctly to earn caps (basically, it’s a slot machine). Those caps can then be traded for in-game prizes (decoration items, essences, etc.).

Here’s how it works:

  • you need three pouches of friend powder to play
  • press the button to spin the pictures panels
  • press the button again to stop the picture panels one by one, and try to get all 3 pictures to match
  • if you do, you win 5 caps… unless you got a lucky chance, in which case you will receive a lot more caps!
  • once you’re done, you can exchange your caps for prizes.

This update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp also brings a new feature not previously mentioned: you can send a tune, which is a fancy but neat way to adds friends. You use your smart device to send a tune to another player, and when that player receives the tune and accepts your friend request, you two become friends in-game.

Here’s how to use that feature:

  • tap More
  • tap Friends
  • tap Add Friend
  • tap Send a Tune

Important note: you need a compatible smart device to use that feature, and both players must be in the same physical location for it to work (it cannot be used over the internet). It’s a great way to add players you happen to meet in real life!

Also, players who were waiting for a better way to get help at the Shovelstrike Quarry will be glad to learn that you can now ask multiple friends at once… 10 to be precise!

Finally, some of the game’s text has been updated, but no further details are provided.

Next, here’s the list of bugs and issues that were fixed with this update:

  • issue preventing players from receiving the correct amount of friend powder when playing in the garden;
  • issue causing animals not to be added to contacts when leveling up;
  • issue causing players to be unable to request help from friends at the Shovelstrike Quarry after a new day starts;
  • issue preventing items for sales at the Market Place from being updated;
  • issue causing visitors to be displayed in the wrong order
  • various other minor issues

With this update, the developers also provided a couple of adjustments to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Now, you can see whether a friend’s garden needs watering or is available for sharing on the Visit Friend screen. Minor adjustments are also included, but no words on which ones…

In order to thank players for their patience during the long maintenance period, a special gift will be waiting for them in the mailbox tomorrow… check out the Events and Content Updates page for more details! Also, new Goals (timed and permanent) are also available now: check out that same page for more details.

Here’s some pictures for the update:

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