Animal Crossing: New Leaf gets a new TV commercial and a sale in Japan

With Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer coming out in roughly a month in Japan (on July 30th), Nintendo has chosen to start advertising Animal Crossing: New Leaf again (most likely in order to capitalise on the anticipation for the new title). This morning, the company revealed a new commercial for the game, featuring Kary Pamyu Pamyu (who also starred in other Nintendo commercials, like the one for the New Nintendo 3DS).

Here it is:


But that’s not all: Nintendo is also running a special sale on the Nintendo eShop, where the game is available for only 3 000 Yen (instead of 4 937 Yen). If that’s still too expensive for you, no problem: download codes are available for only 2 666 Yen on Amazon.co.jp (until July 12th)!

Finally, Nintendo released a new Nintendo 3DS Theme for Animal Crossing (you can check it out in this post). There’s even a special bundle with all 6 themes, sold for 1 000 Yen (instead of 1 200 if bought separately).

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (3DS) comes out on July 30th in Japan, September 25th in North America, and October 2nd in Europe.


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