amiibo: over 450 000 units sold in France; Disney criticizing shortages, Lucas/Mewtwo amiibo listings

amiibo in France

Back in May, Nintendo announced that a total of 10.5 million amiibo have been sold worldwide (by March 31st, 2015). Nintendo’s NFC figures have been quite successful since their launch, in November, especially with shortages being common place (a real problem for fans looking for the least popular characters). While it’s definitely not much compared to the Skylanders and Disney Infinity juggernauts, it’s nothing to sneeze at either.

And today, thanks to the Journal des Loisirs Interfactifs, we learn that Nintendo has sold (not shipped) over 450 000 amiibo in France since launch. Last time we got some numbers, it was back in January, which means that over 250 000 units have been sold during the past 5 months. It’s definitely a good result, which could have been even better if Nintendo shipped enough amiibo to avoid the major shortages.

Disney criticizing amiibo shortages

Talking about shortages, John Vignocchi (Executive Producer of Disney Infinity) didn’t mince his words when asked what he thought about the frequent shortages for amiibo figures at launch. Here’s what he said during a podcast this week-end:

Hanson: Given the turbulent release of Amiibo characters, are you doing anything to prepare for the high demand for Star Wars figures?

Vignocchi: There is never an intention to create a shortage of any figures. It is irresponsible and rude to your hardcore fans. They don’t want to create frustration or the hunt. So they will be stocking the shelves well!

Lucas / Mewtwo

Finally, some good news for fans of Lucas and/or Mewtwo: it looks like Nintendo is going to announce an amiibo for those two characters this week-end, during the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS presentation. Yesterday, GAME (in the UK) added placeholders for those two figures on their website: Mewtwo / Lucas.

Since Nintendo confirmed that every character would get their own amiibo (even those added via DLC), this isn’t all that surprising!

Source: JDLI / GameInforer / Amiibo News
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