Aeterna Noctis: details about the various improvements

Aeterna Noctis, the hand-drawn 2D Metroidvania by Aeternum Game Studios, will launch on Nintendo Switch on November 4th worldwide. A major update for the game was recently released for the PC version, and naturally, the Nintendo Switch version will include all the additions and improvements from that update from the get go!

This update includes the following:

  • new accessibility options, including new algorithms that allow automatic assistance with combat and movements. That way, all players can enjoy a more dynamic and rewarding experience with the game;
  • balance adjustments to the central branch of the King of Darkness skill tree, which greatly improves the performance of the available powers. For example, Guardian Angel now recovers all hearts, recharges completely if you’re defeated, and adds a double heal with each life charge. Some other powers were also revised, so that players can gain more skills and in a more satisfying way;
  • the Time Sapphire gem has been adjusted, making some sections of the game (with platforms and spikes) more accessible. Now, the gem completely stops your character in weightlessness when they aim with their arrows, giving you a bigger time window to dodge surrounding hazards;
  • lots of bug fixes and performance improvements

Also, players will be able to choose between the Aeterna Mode (with all the gameplay improvements listed above), or the Noctis Mode (for the original experience).

Finally, here’s a trailer for the Nintendo Switch release:

Aeterna Noctis is a demanding Metroidvania that combines intense platform gameplay with enemies that will get the most out of each player. Explore, recover your power and help the king of darkness in an epic adventure only suitable for players who want a real challenge.

Aeterna Noctis (Switch – eShop) comes out on November 4th worldwide.

Source: Aeternum Game Studios PR


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