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Ace Attorney 15th AnniversaryIn a previous issue of the magazine, Famitsu shared the results of a fan survey about the Ace Attorney series. Fans were asked several questions, such as who was their favorite lawyer, which case left the strongest impression on them, and more. If you’re a fan of the series, you’re definitely going to relate to many of the answers below. Don’t hesitate to give us your own answer to some (all?) of the question in the comments!

NB: the results of the survey were translated by Rubia Ryu, who kindly allowed us to post it here.

Question 1: Who’s your favorite lawyer?

The first question is pretty straightforward, and the results unsurprising with Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright taking the top spots. Poor Apollo Justice is only #5, below two of the prosecutors who didn’t even star in their own game!

  1. Miles Edgeworth (He uses the gap between his appearance and his deposition as a weapon!?) – 633 votes
  2. Phoenix Wright (The turnabout attorney who pursues the truth) – 603 votes
  3. Godot (The man who knows the differences between the “Godot Blends”) – 308 votes
  4. Franziska von Karma (There is nothing that cannot be judged by a von Karma!) – 270 votes
  5. Apollo Justice (If he’s here, we’re fine!) – 230 votes
  6. Klavier Gavin – 188 votes
  7. Kristoph Gavin – 178 votes
  8. Simon Blackquill – 148 votes
  9. Mia Fey – 147 votes
  10. Gregory Edgeworth – 52 votes

Not ranked:

  1. Winston Payne – ?? votes
  2. Yumihiko Ichiyanagi (Sebastian Debeste in the fan translation of Ace Attorney Investigations 2) – ?? votes

Question 2: Who’s your favorite character (other than the lawyers)?

Second question is also pretty straightforward, and the results not too surprising… with the exception of Wendy Oldbag at #3. It looks like Miles Edgeworth’s attempt to fake the results were in vain!

  1. Maya Fey (Phoenix’s ever faithful partner) – 456 votes
  2. Dick Gumshoe (The guy who can do it when it counts catches second place, pal!) – 245 votes
  3. Wendy Oldbag (The world exists for this person) – 233 votes
  4. Trucy Wright (Trucy’s panties are a galaxy!) – 160 votes
  5. Larry Butz (When something’s “turnabout”, you know it’s the Butz!) – 153 votes
  6. The Judge – 140 votes
  7. Ema Skye – 131 votes
  8. Pearl Fey – 125 votes
  9. Bobby Fulbright – 81 votes
  10. Blue Badger – 80 votes

Not ranked:

  1. Steel Samurai – ?? votes
  2. Jean Armstrong – ?? votes
  3. Missile – ?? votes

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Question 3: Which is your favorite investigative partnership?

With this question, fans had to say which was their favorite duo for investigation, but also court parts. Unsurprisingly, Phoenix Wright + Miles Edgeworth came out on top!

  1. Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth (The eternal rivals & childhood friends combo!) – 230 votes
  2. Phoenix Wright & Maya Fey (Attorney and assistant, even boke and tsukkomi!?) – 140 votes
  3. Miles Edgeworth & Franziska von Karma (The presumptuous prosecutors combo!) – 71 votes

Question 4: Which case left the greatest impression on you?

The answers to that question are also unsurprising: the big finale of the original trilogy came out on top, for obvious reasons. The final case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All are also in the Top 3, with the extra case from the first game at #4.

  1. Bridge to the Turnabout (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations – Case 5) – 313 votes
  2. Turnabout Goodbyes (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Case 4) – 189 votes
  3. Farewell, My Turnabout (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All – Case 4) – 90 votes
  4. Rise From the Ashes (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Case 5) – 58 votes
  5. Turnabout Big Top (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All – Case 3) – 49 votes
  6. Turnabout Sisters (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Case 2) – 41 votes
  7. Turnabout Succession (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney – Case 4) – 36 votes
  8. Turnabout Samurai (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Case 3) – 26 votes
  9. Turnabout Return (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies – DLC) – 25 votes
  10. Turnabout for Tomorrow (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destineis – Case 5) – 24 votes

Question 5 – Tell us things that happen in Ace Attorney!

This question is by far the most interesting, as it asks fans to talk about things that happens in the series: in other words, things they associate with Ace Attorney. The answers are bound to puzzle anyone who hasn’t played the games!

  • The prosecutor that shows up in every 1st case is a Payne, and he gets his hair blown off…
  • Selecting the obviously wrong answer when asked.
  • Examining the same spot at a place over and over again!
  • Gumshoe looking forward to his next salary assessment.
  • Presenting the attorney’s badge!
  • Getting excited when there’s a stepladder!
  • The judge is so easy… especially with female defendant.
  • After presenting evidence, judging if it’s right or wrong based on the music stopping.
  • Trying to read what Oldbag says when she’s running off her mouth.
  • “Oh, I get it!” -> No, I don’t.
  • When something smells…

Question 6: What are you looking forward to in the Ace Attorney series?

The #1 answer to this question is pretty intriguing when you look at the character popularity vote results above. It looks like fans are interested in seeing more of Apollo Justice, especially with Kavin Glavier as the prosecutor. Also, one fan asked if there could be a Nintendo 3DS remake/port of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, and he most definitely was not the only one!

  • I wanna see Apollo and Klavier battle it out in court again!
  • I always look forward to the new characters and mechanics that keep coming.
  • Apollo for the logo, please!
  • I want AA4 on the 3DS… *sparkle* and with a new episode too… *sparkle-sparkle*
  • Like with AA1-3, I’d like to see the storylines tie together in a huge revelation at the end.
  • I hope Lana gets back into law!
  • Please bring back Godot! I think he’d make a really good defense attorney like Nick!
  • Every time a new game comes out, I’ve talked about a “compilation”, but I just want it to continue forever!
  • How about an “AA0″ about all the stories of the past?
  • If you can, I’d like to play a game with Nick when he was young!
  • I hope to see Detective Gumshoe and Oldbag show up again!
  • I really want to play an episode digging down to the truth about Apollo!

Source: Famitsu
Translations by Rubia Ryu



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