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3Souls: full game finally available, trailer + sale

Update: the update for 3Souls is now live in North America!


3Souls was first released on Wii U last year, and originally, it was supposed to get 2 additional episodes as paid DLC. But as mentioned in this post, Red Column decided to change their plans, and actually add the remaining two episodes as part of a free update, for all existing and new players.

And that very update was finally released last week in Europe, and was also supposed to go live at the same time in North America… but it didn’t. Red Column is already in contact with Nintendo of America for the patch to finally go live in that region, which should hopefully happen within the next few days.

If you already own the game (or plan to purchase it soon), the developer recommend you wait for the update before starting to play, even if it’s just the first chapter. After all, the update makes various changes said to make the experience better, so you might as well wait!

To celebrate the release of the update and the remaining two episodes, Red Column is having a sale on the Nintendo eShop. For a limited time, you can get the game for only $0.97 / €0.90 / £0.80… almost free, like the update itself!

Finally, here’s the launch trailer for the full game:

Source: Red Column


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