1-2-Switch: additional details and clips for the mini-games (Single Player, Handheld Mode)

During the Nintendo Switch Presentation, on January 13th, Nintendo revealed 1-2-Switch, which seems to be the Nintendo Switch’s very own Wii Sports (though it’s not part of the bundle at launch). It’s basically a collection of mini-games where players have to look not at the TV screen, but at the other player’s eyes. Each mini-game uses the Joy-Con in a different way.

1-2-Switch features various mini-games, and the official website from Nintendo of Europe shares some additional details about them. First, we learn that two of the mini-games can be played in Single Player, which is unexpected for a game focused on multiplayer. In fact, one of the 1-2-Switch mini-games can even be played in Handheld Mode.

Regarding the number of players, the website also indicates that one of them can be played with as many as you want, which is great when you have parties with lots of people. About the infamous HD Rumble, one of the main features of the Nintendo Switch and its Joy-Cons, 7 games make use of it.

Next, here’s a collection of video clips for 3 mini-games: Table Tennis, Safe Crack, and Ball Count!

1-2-Switch (Switch) will be released on March 3rd, worldwide.


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