Monster Hunter Stories: details and pics for latest DLC (Himouto! Umaru-chan, Pompompurin)

Yesterday, Monster Hunter Stories got some DLC one day ealier than usual (which is Friday). The Himouto! Umaru-chan collaboration, announced a few months ago, is now live. If you complete the special quest now available (Rank ★2), you will get the necessary material to create the Umaru-chan hoodie for Nabirou. If you complete the quest several times, you will get other rewards.

Also, the following are also available for download:

  • a special card featuring the characters from the Himouto! Umaru-chan manga
  • special titles: “Himouto!”, “Himono Imouto!”, “Umaru-chan”, “Onii-chan”, and “U・M・R”.

Also, the Monster Hunter Spirits 2: Triple Soul collaboration is also live: click here for more details.

But that’s not all! Some more DLC was released today, this time for the Pompompurin collaboration:

  • special tournament (Rank: Bronze): if you manage to win, you will get a Pompompurin costume for Nabirou (but only the first time);
  • special item: Pudding (x10), which restores your health when eaten
  • a Rider Card background
  • some special titles

Speaking of the Monster Hunter Stories X Pompompurin collaborations, a special Nabirou plushie and some keyrings are releasing on December 5th:

Source: Famitsu / Gamer



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