IARC now available for the Nintendo eShop

IARC is the name of a streamlined system that allows developers and publishers to get the age ratings for their games in multiple territories easily, for free. Without it, they have to go through the PEGI / USK / ACB separately, which is both time consuming and slow. But with the IARC, all they need to do is fill a form, and the ratings are obtained almost instantly.

However, to be able to use the IARC, it needs to be adopted by the digital storefront you’re planning to release your game on. And good news for players on Nintendo platforms: in the past few days, several developers (including ZeNfA Productions, developers of ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimensions!) have reported that the IARC is now available for the Nintendo eShop.

This is pretty good news for both developers and players, as it means:

  • simultaneous release for Europe and North America will now be much more common;
  • Germany and/or Australia should now get all indie games, as the whole rating process is now free for those regions (cost was the main reason some developers/publishers skipped Germany and Australia);
  • more revenues for developers/publishers, who won’t have to spend a dime to get the age ratings, which is pretty great news for very small entities. They also have to spend less time getting the documents ready for rating.

The International Age Rating Coalition confirms the new via its official website, which lists the Nintendo eShop as one of the digital storefronts participating (the only one on consoles):



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