Zero Time Dilemma: artwork for Participant 9


On Twitter, Kotaro Uchikoshi confirmed that Shinji Hosoe, who composed the soundtrack of both 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward, would be back for Zero Time Dilemma!

***Zero Time DilemmaIn case you missed the news earlier this year, Zero Time Dilemma is the final title of Zero Escape 3, which was annonced back in July during the AnimeExpo convention. Unfortunately, we haven’t learned much about the game since its announcement, which isn’t all that surprising as it will not launch until next Summer.

But yesterday, Aksys Games opened a mysterious account on Twitter: Crash Keys. That account posted an artwork one of the characters, simply called Participant 9 (which is most definitely Sigma from Virtue’s Last Reward), along with the following message:



It has been more difficult than anticipated to smuggle information out of Dcom regarding the viral Zero Time Dilemma, but we at Crash Keys have finally obtained the most bare bones of details that should prove useful to surviving the coming apocalypse. It is necessary to reveal everything in small doses as to avoid detection, but we can share the first piece now. Stay alert for future communiqués.


Remember, the threat is real.

Based on that message, we can assume the Crash Keys may be an actual organisation to be found in the game (or at least a fake one based on the Zero Escape universe, like the Squid Research Lab for Splatoon). Unfortunately, it looks like we are going to wait a little bit longer before getting anything substantial about Zero Time Dilemma, and finding out what Dcom is for example. K

Knowing Aksys Games, that message probably contains various clues about the game’s plot (similar to what they did with the teaser website, before the actual announcement). Let’s just hope we won’t have too long to wait before the next (cryptic) message!

Zero Time Dilemma (3DS) comes out next Summer in Europe and North America.



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