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Zelda news (May 5) – Breath of the Wild animations / Zelda Clue(do) / Defender of the Triforce (Europe)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Last week, Ryuji Kobayashi (in charge of Animation Design) posted a message on the Legend of Zelda portal in Japan, in order to talk… you guessed it, animation in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

He explains that the team worked hard to make sure Link’s movements in the game felt natural, and there wasn’t anything odd to break immersion. He gives us an example with horse riding, and the many ways you can get on one: from the side, from the front, from the back, by jumping from a higher place, etc. Naturally, they made animations for all these!

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the way Link moves or do certain actions change depending on the situation. For example, here’s Link opening a chest from the side while crouching near it:

And here’s Link doing a jump attack on an enemy from atop a horse:

He explains that there are plenty of variations for “situation x action” (such as “crouching x opening treasure box” or “horse riding x jump attack”, shown above), and he hopes players will try variations on their own. Who knows what you might find with a little experimentation!

Source: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda Clue(do)

Who hasn’t heard of Cluedo (known as Clue in North America), the famous murder mystery board game? But did you know that there was a Legend of Zelda edition of that game? It’s true, and it’s even available for pre-order on Merchoid (though it will probably be out of stock by the time you read this!).

The best part? The game was fully adapted to fit with the Zelda series: your goal is no longer to find a murder, but instead find the one who possesses the power to defeat Ganondorf (who has stolen the Triforce, and plans on taking over the world). You also need to find what item is required to defeat him, and where he has established his hidden lair.

Here’s everything included in this Legend of Zelda Clue(do) game set:

  • Custom Game Board
  • 6 Metal Hero Movers: Master Sword, Fairy Bow, Megaton Hammer, Boomerang, Hookshot, Bombchu
  • 6 Personality Cards: Link, Impa, Nabooru, Zelda, Rauru. Darunia
  • 16 Boss Encounter Cards
  • Custom Score Pad
  • Custom Mystery Envelope
  • 2 Dice
  • Instructions

Finally, here’s some pictures:

The Legend of Zelda Clue game releases in June.

Source: Merchoid

Defender of the Triforce (Europe)

Remember Defenders of the Triforce, the Legend of Zelda-themed escape game from Scrap? Well, it’s actually coming to Europe later this year, and more precisely to 4 cities:

  • Barcelona – Spanish (Jul 2 – Jul 2)
  • Paris – French (Jul 6 – Jul 9)
  • London (Jul 14 – Jul 16)
  • Cologne (TBD)

Just like in North America, more dates and cities will be added at a later date. Speaking of North America, you can find the actual schedule over at the official website!

Oh, and if you want to try out some of the puzzles, click here!


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