Yo-kai Watch: official Q&A, trailer, dance video/trailer, commercial

Yo-kai WatchAfter many months of waiting, Yo-kai Watch is finally available in Europe (following the North American release, in November). Just before that, Nintendo UK uploaded an official Q&A on its website, answering some questions from fans.

Here’s the various questions answered:

  • Just a quick one from a Mario veteran and a noob everywhere else, what is YO-KAI WATCH?
  • What exactly ARE the Yo-kai?
  • How many Yo-Kai are there?
  • How do Yo-kai evolve?
  • Are there different types of Yo-kai?
  • What do you think is the most powerful Yo-kai?
  • Is there a Yo-kai that makes you smell bad?
  • What kind of Yo-kai is Whisper?
  • What was Jibanyan’s name when he was alive?
  • How many versions of Jibanyan are there?
  • Can we switch the Yo-kai names to their original Japanese?
  • Can we nickname the Yo-kai?
  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Click here to check out the answers!

Next, here’s the full version of the dance video/trailer with Satoru Shibata:

Head after the break for a trailer and a commercial!

Here’s the latest trailer for Yo-kai Watch:

Finally, here’s a commercial for the game:

Yo-kai Watch (3DS) is now available in Europe, Japan, and North America!


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