Xicatrice: all the latest details, videos, and pictures (Archives)

Xicatrice is an “Unusual x School RPG” from Nippon Ichi Software, releasing on June 29th in Japan. In the weeks leading to that launch, NIS is going to share various details and pictures via social media, and in this post, you will find everything in one place!

This post has all the updates from March 15th to April 28th. For the most recent updates, make sure to check out this post instead!

April 28th

Asahi is serious and stubborn, while Nagamiya is rather free-spirited. You would think the two of them do not get on well, but like all girls their age, they sometimes find common interests, and are able to hold lively conversations together.

April 27th

Xicatrice features various school life events, such as exams. The screenshot below shows Shinomori enlisting the help of Otowa (a model student with excellent grades) in order to get a passing grade.

April 26th

Rui Akutsu (voiced by Yumika Yano) is a doctor and researcher at the Center for Unusuals Health. She helps students overcome their trauma. She worries a great deal about her older brother, Takayuki, who is overwhelmed by his AUT duties..

“If you fail, you only need to keep trying until you succeed. Luckily for you, there really is no hurry…”

And here’s the latest set of screenshots for the game:

Source: Gamer

April 25th

Takayuki Akutsu (voiced by Takuma Tsuda) is a former colleague of the main character, back when he was part of the AUT (Anti abnormal Unusual-talent Team). He’s been frequenting the protagonist since their student days. He’s a highly-skilled Unusual Talent user, and currently serves as squad leader of AUT.

“Don’t get me wrong. I only came to check on you because I was ordered to.”

April 24th

Today, we get to see two more Skill combinations:

  • Attack Conversion: Thunder (Passive Skill that changes the attribute of normal attacks to Thunder) + Double Sense (a Passive Skill that triggers a normal attack twice) allows you to deal lots of damage with lightning attributes attack without consuming too much SP
  • Poison Slash (chance of poisoning the enemy when attacking) + Unusual Pursuit (triggers a follow-up attack if the enemy is impacted by a status ailment) allows you to lower the HP of enemies fast with damage from both extra attacks and poison.

Finally, we get some more details about the protagonist: Kamiya Renji (voiced by Tomohito Takatsuka in Japanese). He used to be a member of the AUT (Anti abnormal Unusual-talent Team), but lost his powers because of a certain incident. After that, he was put in charge of the 302nd Squad of the RAUT as a former Unusual.

“It’s alright for you to feel frustrated. I’m determined to help you with your problems.”

April 21st

If you combine the passive Skill “Negate Gravity” (which increases the Stun value of your attacks) with the active Skill “Magic Bullet” (which unleashes 3 attacks), your attacks may not be all that powerful, but you will be able to stun the enemy and prevent them from doing anything.

April 20th

If you combine the passive Skill “Masochist”, which makes enemies more likely to target you, with a skill that boosts your evasion, you can turn a character into a full-fledged decoy that will keep ennemy attacks away from allies while dodging them all. And if you go one step further and combine it with “Dodge: Break”, you can add counter-attacks to the mix!

April 19th

If you equip the passive Skill “Protection: Break”, which allows you to protect allies from enemy attacks, with “Reverse Consciousness: Break”, another passive Skills that allows you to counterattack when the enemy attacks you, you can hit two wirds with one stone by damaging the enemy while protecting your allies at the same time.

April 18th

The passive Skill “Warming Up” greatly increases your attack power every time you attack the enemy first. If you combine it with the attack Skill “Quick Attack”, which allows you to launch swift attacks, you can increase your attack power quickly.

April 17th

As mentioned previously, there are two types of Skills in Xicatrice: active Skills (that suggest actions like attack techniques in battle) and passive Skills (that take effect simply by equipping them). And among the latter, there’s Skills that have specific conditions. For example, some Skills will increase your attack power based on the number of times you attack the enemy.

There’s also passive Skills that activate automatically with a certain probability, those triggered by the actions of your allies, or those triggered by the actions of enemies (like counterattacks after evading their attacks). With those Skills, even students that were not selected will be able to take part in the attack, increasing the number of possible actions per turn.

By the way, you can combine the two types of Skills. For example, if you combine “Cautious Action” (a passive Skill which increases your attack power depending on the number of times you attack) and “Double Attack” (an active Skill which allows you to attack twice per turn), you can increase your attack power twice in a single turn.

April 14th

An interesting aspect of Skills is that their power and SP cost vary depending on the character’s stats. Here’s an example with the “Smash” Skill, which relies on Judgement:

  • if Judgement is 30: power x2.4, SP cost: 9
  • if Judgement is 60: power x2.9, SP cost: 15

April 13th

Yuichi Kamishiro’s initial Skill is called Smash, and it allows you to literally smash enemies with a powerful hit. Combined with Yuichi Kamishiro’s high attack power, this Skill can greatly reduce enemy’s HP.

April 12th

Wakaba Shinomori’s initial Skill is called Quick Attack, and as the name indicates, it’s a physical attack that’s all about speed. Combined with her high Agility stat, this Skill allows Wakaba to launch preempetive attacks against many enemies.

April 11th

Toma Asahi’s initial Skill is Shield Strike. When using it, enemies are more likely to target her. You can take advantage of her high physical defense to defend allies by having her take enemy attacks in their stead.

April 10th

In order for a student to learn a Skill, they first need to select the corresponding Major, and then raise their basic abilities (stats) to the required level. For example, for Kei Namisaki to learn “Ressurection” (a recovery skill), you first need to select “Healing Illusion” as Major, and then raise the “Concentration” stat to 44, and the “Logic” stat to 53.

Each of the 7 students have different base stats, as well as basic abilities they have an affinity with (making them easier to grow than others). It’s up to you to correctly identify the characteristics of each student, and focus on nurturing them.

Haruki Suzuhira’s initial Skill is Double Attack, which unleashes continuous attacks. It has a low hit rate, but high accuracy. Haruki Suzuhira has an affinity for that skill, for his hit rate and accuracy rate stats are both high.

April 7th

The various Skills your students have access to are divided into 15 categories called “Majors”, each with different characteristics. Your students can change their Major every month, and the more they grow, the more Majors they can take on at the same time. The kind of Skills your students can learn depend on the Majors they’ve picked up.

April 6th

Unusual Talent users have to face their trauma, and if they can’t overcome it, their own powers will eat them alive. Therefore, it’s crucial that you understand your students and their problems in order to lead them to victory in missions fraught with danger. If not, it might all end in tragedy…

April 5th

During a mission, if the HP or SP of your students drops too much, you can recover them using recovery Skills they learned, or use items you purchased ahead of time. By the way, you can recover HP or SP during battle and during the battle prep stage.

April 4th

In Xicatrice, you get to tackle various missions. In each one, you need to resolve incidents involving monsters and Unusual Talent users, which is done by defeating the target enemies. Battles won’t end until you’ve defeated them, so you need to manage your students’ HP and SP carefully in order to reach the target enemies for each mission.

April 3rd

The seven students of the RAUT (Reserve Anti abnormal Unusual-talent Team) will have to solve various incidents involving Unusual Talents. That includes dealing with Grotesques [official English name TBC] (born of people’s negative emotions) and criminals using their Unusual Talents to commit evil deeds.

In Xicatrice, battles are turned-based, with various commands to choose from. For each turn, you have to select an action from among those suggested by the students. The suggested actions depend on the “Active Skills” you have equipped.

As mentioned above, the enemies in this game are beings known as “Grotesques” (born of people’s negative emotions), as well as criminals using their Unusual Talents to commit crimes. Since the protagonist has lost his Unusual Talent, he cannot take part in battle directly, alongside the students. But as a teacher and former member of the AUT, he can guide his students to victory with judicious instructions.

March 31st

As your students grow, they gain the ability to see in advance enemies’ weaknesses, as well as traits to pay attention to. By paying attention to those weaknesses and traits, you can choose the right skills and party members for upcoming battles, and come up with appropriate countermeasures.

March 30th

There are two types of Skills in the game:

  • Active Skills, that you can use in battle after equipping them;
  • Passive Skills, that provide an effect simply by equipping them.

At first glance, some Skills may look hard to use, but may provide unexpected effects depending on the combination of Skills equipped.

March 29th

In Xicatrice, you can choose among over 300 different Skills, but just like in pretty much any RPG, each character can only equip a limited number of them. Therefore, you need to think carefully about which Skills to equip based on the opponents you’re going to fight. Also, by leveling up, characters can unlock new Skill slots.

March 28th

The “basic abilities” affect not just battles, but also school life (such as exams, for example).

March 27th

In Xicatrice, your students do not acquire skills by taking part in battles and leveling up. Instead, they gain them by raising their “basic abilities”. This can be done in various ways:

  • by having them attend classes
  • by spending some time with them during the weekend.

Time moves forward regardless of whether students attend classes or go out. Therefore, it’s pretty important that you spend your time wisely, and train your students ahead of upcoming battle events.

March 24th

In Xicatrice, the protagonist is a teacher. It’s your job your to set up the schedule for the weekly classes and instruction of your students. Depending on the subjects they pick up, your students will be able to improve various “basic abilities” such as physical strength or judgement.

March 23rd

Kei Namisaki (voiced by Kanako Nomura in Japanese) is a calm and mature student, though not without a meddlesome side. Driven by righteous indignation, she made use of her Unusual Talent, but this ended up hurting others. By joining the RAUT, she was given the opportunity to use her powers for the sake of justice.

“By using those powers to punish evil, I wanted to regain my self-esteem…”

March 22nd

Toma Asahi (voiced by Saho Shirasu in Japanese) is a member of the RAUT. A serious honour student who excels both at sports and studies, and diligently cooperates with the protagonist. She lost her family in an accident on the day of her 6th birthday, and that’s when her Unusual Talent awakened.

“Are my sins light enough that I can atone for them with my life?”

March 21st

Yuichi Kamishiro (voiced by Tetsurou Noda in Japanese) is a member of the RAUT. A young man with a blunt personality who keeps other people away. Thanks to his Unusual Talent, he came to possess high level combat abilities, which earned him the respect of the other students. He vowed revenge against an Unusual Talent user, and doesn’t care much about anything else.

“This is my revenge. I don’t want to drag anyone else into this…”

March 20th

Ichika Otoha (voiced by Emiri Suyama in Japanese) is a member of the RAUT. She has a calm personality, and always adresses others with the utmost politeness. Since she was bullied in the past, she keeps her distance from the main character and the other students.

“I’m such a weakling… I’m afraid to be betrayed… That’s why I can’t bring myself to trust others…”

March 17th

Here’s the seven students who belong to the RAUT. They’re all hard-working students, and even though they’ve awakened to their Unusual Talent, they’re still fairly normal high-school students.

Shizuru Nagamiya (voiced by Ayasa Itou)

Due to a heart problem, she was unable to take part in sports activity as a child. She thought she could lead a happy life if she could obtain a healthy body, and it’s how she awakened to her special powers.

“This is so unfair… I thought I could finally be free…”

March 16th

A century has passed since humans first began to awaken to their “Unusual Talents”. Among those that developed such supernatural powers, they are those using them to play an active role in society, others using them for no good, and those who are unable to control them and go berserk.

In order to respond to incidents caused by people with Unusual Talents, the government set up a special task force called AUT (for Anti abnormal Unusual-talent Team), which is made of persons with such powers. However, despite this, the number of incidents involving people with powers continues to rise, and the governement’s response to them isn’t enough to contain them.

That’s why the government set up a special class called RAUT (for Reserve Anti abnormal Unusual-talent Team). Its goal is, officially, to protect and nurture children who possess Unusual Talents Even though the members of that class are still students, they were sometimes called in emergencies to solve cases involving Unusual Talents.

Xicatrice is a school RPG that combines the depths of Skills customization (there’s over 300 types of Skills you can choose and combine at will) and character development with a high degree of freedom. Select the right skills to take on strong enemies, and develop characters to your liking!

March 15th

In the world of Xicatrice, some people possess special powers called “Unusual Talents”. And in this game, you play as a teacher who has been assigned to a school where students possess such special powers. You and your 7 students, who have awakaned to their “Unusual Talents” and have suffered trauma, will have to overcome many hardships.

By the way, the title of the game comes from the French word “cicatrice”, which means scar. It refers to the emotional scars of the 7 students.

Xicatrice (Switch) comes out on June 29th in Japan.


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