Xicatrice: all the latest details, videos, and pictures

Xicatrice is an “Unusual x School RPG” from Nippon Ichi Software, releasing on June 29th in Japan. In the weeks leading to that launch, NIS is going to share various details and pictures via social media, and in this post, you will find everything in one place!

Naturally, this post will be updated on a regular basis (as soon as new content is shared), so keep checking back!
Archives: March 15th to April 28th.

Here’s a YouTube playlist with all the videos in one place:

June 27th

Nippon Ichi Software has shared a Tip involving counterattacks.

If you attack an enemy that can counterattack with a student that has a counterattack skill equipped, then the two wiull keep counterattacking each other until they reach they run out of counterattacks.

For example, if you have Shinomori Wakaba (a character with high evasion) equip the Passive Skill “Evasion: Break” (that allows her to counterattack every time she successfully dodges an enemy attack), you can keep attacking the enemy without it being able to deal any damage.

June 26th

Here’s some more screenshots for the game, courtesy of 4Gamer this time:

June 22nd

Here’s some more screenshots for the game, courtesy of Gamer:

June 20th

The demo version of Xicatrice only features one save data slot, but in the full version, you can have up to 30 save files. This is pretty handy as you can use those extra save slots to create “checkpoints” at the beginning of the month, and go back and change your students’ majors if you ever want to start their training again.

June 2nd

Nippon Ichi Software has shared the latest trailer for Xicatrice, which focuses on the gameplay systems:

May 19th

When you start Xicatrice, you will be able to choose from 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, and Hard), with a 4th one to be unlocked. The higher the difficulty, the stronger the enemies and their skills and attacks, making battles more challenging. Don’t worry if you find the game too hard/easy: you can change the difficulty level even after starting the game.

Whether you like tough battles that can only be overcome through trial and error, or if you prefer to focus on the story, you will be able to enjoy the game the way you want!

May 18th

Pre-combat preparation is key to getting better ratings during battles. You need to carefully examine the enemy’s characteristics (and especially its weaknesses) in order to be ready for anything, and to come up with countermeasures, by selecting the appropriate Skills and party members.

May 16th

Astral Form is Kei Namisaki’s initial skill. It allows you to attack the enemy while boosting your attack power and evasion. It’s pretty handy when you don’t want to choose between powering up and attacking!

May 15th

Here’s some details about a few more Skills:

  • First Move Victory (Shinomori Wakaba’s Order Skill): for one turn, guarantees you will act faster than the enemy and that your attacks will land. It’s perfect to complement those attack Skills that are slow or have low accuracy.
  • Heal (Otoha Ichika’s initial Skill): restores your allies’ HP. Combined with the passive Skill “High Speed Treatment” (which speeds up the order of action when using recovery skills), it allows you to save your allies from a pinch more reliably.
  • Ice White Strike (Nagamiya Shizuru’s initial Skill): an attack with an ice attribute. Combined with a Skill that increases your attack power when using elemental attacks, you can deal tons of damage to enemies that are weak to ice-based attacks.

May 12th

Asahi’s Order Skill is “All Defense”, and it nullified all damage from enemies for 1 turn. It’s definitely a good idea to hoard Order Points in order to prepare for when enemies launch their big move.

May 5th

In order to activate Order Skills, you first need to accumulate enough Order Points (or OP). You get one per turn, but you can also get some by selecting actions that give buffs / debuffs or heal allies.

May 4th

Order Skills are special Skills the protagonist can use to indirectly support the students in battle. For example, it can be used to boost a character’s attack power (though for one turn only). Among Order Skills, there’s also special skills that are unique to each student, and which are unlocked as you progress through the story.

May 3rd

Here’s the latest trailer for Xicatrice:

Also, Nippon Ichi Software shared some details about beings known as “Doppels”, that your students will have to face through their CUAD. Those are the personification of their unconscious and the dark side of their hearts.

May 2nd

The screenshot below shows a scene with Haruki and Yuichi engaged in a fierced battle. Looking at the sheer hostility on their faces, one would be hard pressed to think the two of them are friend. But what is the source of their hostility?

May 1st

Haruki has quite the competitive spirit, and sees Yuichi (who has seen lots of action on the battlefield since his first deployment) as a rival. Yuichi appears rather annoyed to have Haruki constantly following him, but…

Next: some details about a device known as CUAD (for Collective Unconscious Communication Device).

In order to prevent Unusual Talent users from losing their mind and becoming runaways, it is crucial that they face and overcome their trauma. To do so, students have to use the CUAD to interact with their unconscious in a virtual space.

But while CUAD are pretty effective in helping people overcome their trauma, they are also known to fail occasionally. When that happens, the user develops abnormal abilities and is ultimately disposed of, which is why those devices are sometimes referred to as Death Machines.

Xicatrice (Switch) comes out on June 29th in Japan.


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