Xenoblade Chronicles 3: complete guidebook to be released on September 30th in Japan

Kadokawa have just announced that they will release the complete guidebook for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on September 30th in Japan. It will cost 2 200 Yen, and will offer 304 pages of in-depths details about the game.

Here’s what the cover looks like:

And here’s details about the contents of the guidebook:


This section details the basics of the game from the ground up, including exploration, the flow of battles, and offers some tips and tricks to get the upper hand in battle.


This section offers in-depth details about all the characters, including the Heroes. Also features information about the characteristics of each class, such as their Arts and Skills.


Features a flowchart-style that allows you to easily make your way through the main story. You can see the timing of each events and boss battles.

Quests and Events

The guidebook offers information about Normal Quests, Hero Quests, Collectopadia Cards, special events, and more.


Unsurprisingly, the guidebook offers maps of each region, featuring the location of all points of interests, Landmarks, containers, and Soldiers Husks.


Finally, the guidebook has data about a lot of things: items, equipment, food, and more. There’s also information on Unique Monsters, Bosses, and more.

Source: Famitsu


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