Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Ver. 1.5.1: how to access the DLC (new Rare Blade: Crossette, new Quests, etc.)

On July 26th (North America) / July 27th (North America, Europe, and Japan), a new Software update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is releasing: Ver. 1.5.1. It brings a new set of additional content, including a new Rare Blade (Crossette), and you can learn more about it in this post. In this one, you will find how to access said additional content: where to find it, the pre-requisites, and more… all in one place, for your convenience!


While this may seem overly obvious, make sure to download the latest Software update (Ver. 1.5.1): you cannot access the DLC otherwise. You also need to download the DLC data, which is usually done automatically by your console if you’re an Expansion Pass owner. If the DLC doesn’t show up in-game, but the update has already been downloaded, go to the Home Menu of your Nintendo Switch, press + – to go to the Options page, select Software Update, and then choose “Via the Internet” to download the DLC data.

Also, keep in mind that all the DLC content, no matter what it is, must be accepted via the Expansion Pass menu in-game (it’s not added automatically). This applies to the new Rare Blade, but also the quests, and even additional settings!

Additional Rare Blade: Crossette / Hibana

You get Crossette by accepting the “A Firecracker of a Gal” key item from the DLC Blade Distribution 2 section of the Expansion Pass, then talking to Hurryscurry at the Argentum’s Bower Lounge. There’s no quest to complete: you simply get the Ebullium Core Crystal from him, that is guaranteed to summon her.

Additional Quests

As usual, this new DLC set brings 5 new additional quests (it’s the last one!).

  • Sunken Boosters
    • Available from: Chapter 3
    • Pre-requisites: none.
    • Required Blades: none.
    • Quest giver: Borella, located at Gwendle Repair Dock in Uraya
  • The Trendy Patissier
    • Available from: Chapter 8
    • Pre-requisites: “Follow Your Passion” (Gorg’s Blade Quest) completed
    • Required Blades: Boreas, Gorg.
    • Quest giver: none. Visit Gorg’s shop in Fonsa Myma, Uraya
  • Artisanal Accessories
    • Available from: Chapter 7
    • Pre-requisites: none.
    • Required Blades: none.
    • Quest giver: Barhanen, located near the Soprac Old Market in Theosoir, Tantal. To reach him, use the nearby airflow to get up, jump up once more (regular jump), then jump down to reach the area across the street, where he’s located.
  • Hot Spring Bonanza
    • Available from: Chapter 10
    • Pre-requisites: none.
    • Required Blades: Sheba, Kora, and Kasandra (with One Lucky Gal Lvl. 3);
    • Location of quest giver: Gachagacha, located at the Goldmouth Flight Deck in Argentum
  • Mystery Launch Codes
    • Available from: Chapter 10
    • Pre-requisites: none.
    • Required Blades: Adenine (with Extra Ancient Wisdom Lvl. 5), Kos-Mos
    • Location of quest giver: none. Head to Wall Power Control Room in the Land of Morytha

New Challenge Battle Mode Rewards

First, you have to accept the “Nopon Invitation” key item from the Gift from Zuo 2 section of the Expansion Pass menu. The new rewards are available from the Archsage’s Orderly, in the Land of Challenge. To get there, you first need to have unlocked it: check out this post to find out how to do that (if you haven’t already).

To reach the Archsage’s Orderly:

  • Go to the Fast Travel menu
  • Fast travel to Kingdom of Uraya > Olethro Ruins > Olethro Playhouse
  • Enter the portal to the Land of Challenge

NB: if you’re playing in New Game+, but haven’t reached that area yet, you can find the portal to the Land of Challenge in front of Bana’s office in Argentum.

The new rewards are:

  • Cloud Sea King Rex
  • Blood Witch Nia
  • Skullface Punk Tora
  • Scarlet Inquisitor Mòrag
  • Shining Justice Zeke
  • Blue Sky Pyra
  • Carbon Mythra
  • Obsidian Dromarch
  • Jade Orchid Brighid
  • Magical Pink Pandoria
  • Cornflower Poppi α
  • Antique Princess QT
  • Nano Orange QT π
  • Tora Idea Boost: Brav.
  • Tora Idea Boost: Truth
  • Tora Idea Boost: Comp.
  • Tora Idea: Just.

Extra Game Options

You have to accept the “New Difficulty Levels” key item from the “Gift from Zuo 2” section of the Expansion Pass menu.

  • New difficulty options: Bringer of Doom, Customi
    • Available from System > Options > Game Settings, only after loading the game).

Here’s the various options available in Custom:

  1. Enemy Attack Power (adjusts attack power, with the power increasing to the right)
  2. Enemy Attack Frequency (adjusts attack frequency, with the frequency increasing to the right)
  3. Enemy Maximum HP (adjusts maximum HP, with the value increasing to the right)
  4. Enemy Debuff Duration (adjusts debuff effect duration, with the length increasing to the right)
  5. Player Blade Combo Buffer Time (adjusts Blade Combo buffer time, with the buffer increasing to the right)
  6. Party Gauge Gains (adjusts magnitude of Party Gauge gains, with the amount increasing to the right)
  7. Player Special Recharge Rate (adjusts Special gauge gains, with the amount increasing to the right)
  8. Player Health Restoration (adjusts party member’s healing power, with the effect increasing to the right)
  9. Chain Attack Damage Multiplier (adjusts damage multiplier gains, with the amount increasing to the right)
  10. Ascended State Party Gauge Use (adjusts Party Gauge depletion, with the rate of loss increasing to the right)

The following is activated automatically, and does not require any action from the player:

  • New option to switch the BGM for Unique monsters to “You Will Know Our Names” if you have Shulk or Fiora in your party
    • Available from System > Options > Sound Settings)

Quite interestingly, the option itself doesn’t mention Shulk and Fiora, and simply “certain Blades”, which implies the remaining additional Blade will also come with special music.

Please make sure to drop us a line if you have any questions regarding the DLC!



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